Walt Express has found a rumor floating around the internet. We would like to know what you think about this! Find out the details right here in: RUMOR: Free Dining 2017 for Disney World. We repeat: THIS IS A RUMOR!

RUMOR: Free Dining 2017 for Disney World

Again, before you start calling Disney World and/or your travel planner, THIS IS A RUMOR! NOTHING has been announced or released as of today! We just thought since it’s on everyone’s minds right now, we would pass along what we knew. The first thing to remember is that NOTHING IS GUARANTEED, as far as discounts and free dining is concerned.

Could this mean what we have expected, that free dining is on it’s way out? That’s possible. Could this mean that free dining will be announced soon? That’s possible. Could this mean that free dining is NOT your best option for a good discount in Disney World? That’s possible.

Could this mean that NONE of this is true? That’s possible, because it’s a RUMOR!

Thanks to Dad!

Our friend, Dad, from dadsguidetowdw.com, posted this information today (Thanks, Dad, for the info!):

“My buddy Joe (Whispers Guide to Orlando) found this and published it last night on his Facebook page. Here’s what it says –

Looks like free dining could be dropping on April 24. Minimum of 4 nights, maximum of 14, with park hopper and park hopper plus add on. Check in dates: 8/13-9/30, 11/14-11/20, 11/25-11/27, 12/3-12/23. It also appears that values AND moderates may get quick service, with regular dining only for deluxe resorts (I hope that is wrong).”

What Does This Mean, IF It’s True?

IF this is true, this would mean that if you took advantage of the free dining promotion and were staying in a value or moderate resort, you would have to pay an up charge from the quick service dining plan to the regular dining plan. You would also have to have park hopper tickets and at least a 4 night stay. Also notice the “blackout” dates.

Again, we have no idea if this is true or not, but if it is true, it could make it very interesting when it comes out. As always, do your math to see if this discount will really save your family the most money.

If you would like more information on the FREE DINING PROMOTION, check it out right here: FREE DINING INFO

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