Disney World Reservation Center To Be Closed Through 9/11

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Disney World Reservation Center To Be Closed Through 9/11. Find out what this will mean for you and your Disney World vacation!

Disney World Reservation Center To Be Closed Through 9/11

Disney World has just put out a statement that the Reservation Center will be closing:

“With Hurricane Irma approaching the state of Florida and keeping safety top of mind, the Disney Reservation Center will be closed Sunday, Sept. 10 and Monday, Sept. 11, with the plan of resuming operations once the storm has passed. Please note the Disney Reservation Center will operate normal business hours on Saturday, Sept. 9.”.

What Does This Mean

This simply means that you will not be able to call in to the Reservation Center. We do not know at this time if ALL Call Centers are affected, but we do know they all have had extremely high call volumes and long wait times.

Please keep in mind that this is a very stressful time for everyone involved. Your Disney World vacation is important, of course, but there are a few things that you should know BEFORE you decide to call in. If you can wait, please wait. When the Call Center reopens, it will be bombarded with calls. The top priority will be everyone’s safety. Once things calm down a bit (and this could be a week or even longer), then call in.

Disney World Reservation Center To Be Closed Through 9/11Be Patient

AGAIN, When you DO call in, please be patient. These Call Center agents have, more than likely, been working for days on end, trying to help in any way they can. They are the ones who help bring magic to you! For their safety, most of them have been staying at Disney World for several days. Be kind and nice!

My Dining/Fast Pass Window Will Open

If the 180 mark for your dining reservations or the 60 day mark for your fast passes open up during this time, rest assured it will be OK! If it can’t be done online and a call needs to be placed to the Call Center, PLEASE, be patient! If you can’t get through, no one else can either. The reservations will still be there when all of this is over.

Side Note: AGAIN, you can make these online as well, you do not always have to call these in.

If You Are Using A Travel Agent

If you use a travel agent, PLEASE, also be patient. If you cannot get through, neither can your agent. Rest assured, YOU are your agent’s top priority and he/she will be doing everything that they can possibly do for you and your family. Over the last several days, we have seen wait times on the phone of up to 8 hours or more. We have travel agent friends that HAVE sat on hold trying to help get emergencies situated, reservations moved or cancelled, and so on. If it’s not an emergency, please wait a few days AFTER the reservation center reopens to call in. Give your agent time to get all of this situated. It will NOT happen quickly, until things settle down a bit. This does NOT mean that they are not working on your vacation.

As always, Disney is completely “guest oriented”, meaning they always put their guests first and will do what they can to help. BUT, it will take some time! Safety is the top priority here.

This Post Summed Up Simply

Stay calm. Wait it out. Be patient. And most importantly, be kind!

If you are in Disney World during Hurricane Irma or have more questions, here are some great tips to help!

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