Breaking News: NEW MagicBands are Here & Cooler Than Ever

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Breaking News: NEW MagicBands are Here & Cooler Than Ever, see for yourself! They are made for a lot more than just the wrist these days.

Breaking News: NEW MagicBands are Here & Cooler Than Ever

So the rumors were true! MagicBands are now a puck! It was confirmed at D23 that Disney Parks are releasing the newly redesigned MagicBand called the MagicBand 2. Go to the here and see pics!

MagicBandsBreaking News: NEW MagicBands are Here & Cooler Than Ever

MagicBands are must haves when you go to Disney World. You can never leave home or your home-away-from-home without it. Seriously! It is the key to the world, Disney World that is!

We love MagicBands around here, because they are so versatile, convenient and easy to use. It looks like they are making them even better! So here is the thing…. they are calling the new MagicBand a puck because the center pops out. This means that it can go inside other accessories like lanyards and keychains, creating a custom Magic Band experience for anybody looking to personalize their item so they are even more versatile and convenient. Giving everyone more options is the key to this game!

Being Released to the General Public

There has been no word on when the new MagicBands will be released to the general public for use at Walt Disney World. But one thing is for sure, Disney is listening to some of you who don’t necessarily want to wear a bracelet on their wrist. We will keep you posted and let you know of more happenings and breaking news straight from Disney.

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