Disney Style DIY Do It Yourself Homemade Disinfecting Wipes

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Hey there my Disney friends! We know finding disinfecting wipes has been a real chore lately and we have the solution! LITERALLY! You have been training for this day and didn’t even know it. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Actually, desperate times calls for a little Disney. Read on to find out how we make our own DIY Homemade Disinfecting Wipes, DISNEY STYLE!#waltexpress #disneyworld #disinfectinwipesdiy DIY Homemade Disinfecting Wipes

DIY Homemade Disinfecting Wipes

Everything is better with a little Disney and sanitizer wipes are no different. There are several ways to make these wipes and you probably have all the ingredients already. We KNOW you have the containers! What?!?! Yep, you have trained for this moment! Grab those Disney popcorn buckets and those refillable drink mugs. This is pure genius! There are several different “recipes” that you can use and we will list the ones we have tried, right here in this blog.

Regardless of what recipe for sanitizer/disinfecting wipes you try, they will be better with a little Disney. This is also something you can use to take to the parks with you once they have reopened! Yes, we are looking to the future also.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disinfectinwipesdiy DIY Homemade Disinfecting Wipes

Step One: Most Important Ingredient: ALCOHOL

There are two types of alcohol that you can use. Isopropyl Alcohol (also know as rubbing alcohol). This one is most commonly found in hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. Isopropyl alcohol is very efficient in killing bacteria and germs. The second type is Ethanol (this one is in liquor-also known as drinking alcohol). This is one is also great at killing bacteria and germs. What to use just depends on what you have on hand. Rubbing alcohol is A LOT cheaper! If using rubbing alcohol, make sure it’s at least 70%.

Add one to two cups of distilled (or boiled) water, just depending on the size you are making. For example: for the popcorn bucket, I did one cup of rubbing alcohol and one cup of water. A lot of people will do the two to one ratio. Two cups of water to one cup of alcohol. I am not taking any chances here. I like my disinfectant STRONG! LOL!

Step Two: Pick A Wipe

  • I like to use baby wipes and just add the alcohol and water mixture to them. Use about one cup of alcohol plus one cup of distilled water (or boiled) per one package of wipes. We also like to add in some essential oils for a more pleasant aroma! Orange is my fave. Again, use your own judgement here. The two to one ratio is fine, but I prefer the one to one ratio. I am also a little on the lazy side and prefer my wipes already in “wipe form”.
  • You can also use an old towel or shirt, cut into squares. These could be washed and reused. If using paper towels, get the good kind. The cheap paper towels will not hold up. Also, cut the roll in half with a serrated knife. A half of a roll will also fit nicely in the popcorn bucket.

Step Three: Adding Essential Oils

The following oils are naturally anti-bacterial!

  • tea tree
  • eucalyptus
  • thyme
  • rosemary
  • cinnamon
  • clove
  • orange

Step Four: Adding The Disney Touch

Now is the fun part. Find your popcorn bucket or your refillable drink mug. Place your choice of wipes in the container, add your mixture (alcohol and essential oils) and you have disinfecting wipes, Disney style. If using the refillable drink mug, only use about 1/2 cup of alcohol.

Please note: We are not health care professionals, but follow CDC guidelines. You can find tons of great recipes for these wipes and most will work just fine. Just put them in a Disney container for all the Disney feels.

Do you have some time and money saving tips? Have you incorporated a little Disney in your everyday life? We would love to know about it. Head on over to our Facebook Group, DISNEY EXPRESS LANE.

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