Hollywood Studios-Let’s Skip It!


Hollywood Studios:  Let’s just skip it!

Hold it, Hold it, Hold it!!

With so many closings and refurbishments going on in Hollywood Studios, this is what most people think. They think, “I’m not wasting a park ticket” or “It’s just a half day park anyway.”  Yes, they are right in a way, there are A LOT of things going on in Hollywood Studios at the moment…., but that is because BIG things are going on! Such as a whole new area dedicated to Star Wars fans, a new area for all of us Pixar fans including add-ons to Toy Story Mania and so much more.  Now a year or so ago, I might have agreed with all of these people, because it took my family two visits to Hollywood Studios to finally realize there was something else to see and do on the other side of that big body of water. Once we figured out that there was so much more behind that area, we were blown away.  As far as it being a half day park…here’s my take on that:

My family could spend days at this park!  We usually start out our Hollywood Studios day pretty early and head straight to the Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Roller Coaster area. Of course, we make several stops along the way, when we grab a cupcake at Starring Rolls, watch the Citizens of Hollywood and enjoy the streetmosphere of the area. By the time we are finished dropping 13 stories and flying down the interstate with Aerosmith, we are famished! We grab some lunch at Fairfax Fare or Rosie’s All American Cafe and move on. With so many shops to browse through, it’s way after lunch by now.  Now it’s time for us to head over to ride Star Tours, Toy Story Mania, watch a show or two, and fit in a few more rides and bam, it’s dinner time! We love to eat at Hollywood and Vine because the characters make our whole family smile; Doc, Sophia the First, and Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates are always so great with my boys.  Now, it’s almost time for Fantasmic! to start. See how I managed to just skip right over Streets of America? Not my intention at all; in fact, I was pretty bummed that I missed it all my first two visits.  Luckily we made up for that mistake on our last few visits and I feel like we more than made up for lost time. Yet, now that they will be going away to make room for the new themed lands, I must say that our whole family is excited to watch as things grow and change when we visit.  We enjoy this park so much, we often make it to Hollywood Studios twice during our trip.  This park is NOT a half day park, even with all of these changes.

It makes sense that we would be seeing all of these changes because the real Hollywood is all about change. New movies, new actors and actresses, the place is always changing and always adding more or one upping the previous project. By doing what Walt Disney wanted, constantly changing, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is creating magic as Walt envisioned.  Mimicking the movie making magic is so exciting and it’s the excitement to see the changes that keeps us coming back. So the next time you are at Walt Disney World, don’t listen to the naysayers.  You do not want to skip Hollywood Studios; you should head on over and enjoy the “breathtaking” rides, the shows that are “show-stopping” and the food that is “divine”. Take a stroll and take it all in…it won’t be the same ever again, because as we all know Walt would want us to keep moving forward…

Current closings and refurbishments as of 2/16/2016

Pizza Planet closed 1/11/2016- Late 2016

Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show closing 04/03/16

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure closing 04/03/16

Meet and Greet: Mike and Sulley at Street of America closing 04/03/16

Studio Catering Company closing 04/03/16

The Writer’s Shop closing 04/03/16

Watto’s Grotto closing 04/03/16

Phineas & Ferb Meet and Greet- closing 1/5/2016

Lightning McQueen & Mater Meet and Greet closing 1/5/2016

Joffrey’s coffee kiosk 1/4/2016

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