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If you’re like me, you’re the go-to friend whenever someone has a Disney travel planning question. You might even be curious if you should take your passion for Disney and become a Disney Travel Planner.

Personally, I prefer to stick to blogging about Disney – but I thought it would be of interest to ask my friend Mandi to share with you all of the information you need to know if this profession is right for you and how to become a Disney travel planner. It’s not as simple and easy as some may think!

Below is a guest post from Mandi with what you need to know if you’d like to Become a Disney Travel Planner With an Authorized Agency.

What is a Disney Travel Planner?

A Disney Travel Planner should preferably work for an Authorized Disney Travel Agency.  Being an Authorized Disney Travel Agency simply means that Disney recognizes the agency’s hard work and is proud of a job well-done by all in the agency. This is an honor for a travel agency to be recognized by Disney as an authorized Disney Vacation Travel Agency or being “earmarked”.

The travel agent herself/himself is NOT earmarked, only the agency he or she works for, which means that the agency and it’s planners are well equipped and knowledgeable of planning a Disney vacation, no matter which Disney destination you choose.

If you would like to become a “Disney Travel Agent”, an Authorized Disney Travel Agency would be the first and best place to start since they are established and in high ranking with Disney.

How to Become A Disney Travel Planner

Many people think becoming a Disney travel planner is pretty easy or doing this job well is a “piece of cake”, this is simply not true. As with any job, there are requirements that need to be met, trainings to do, and much more.

First you must find an agency that you know and trust. This is VERY important! You will be a part of a family, so you need to choose wisely. There are agencies out there that will hire you and provide no training whatsoever and on the other hand, other agencies that provide trainings and plenty of knowledge to pass down, so you can become the best Disney Vacation Planner you can be. Again, choose wisely and ask questions to whichever agency you decide is a best fit for you!

Why Become A Disney Travel Planner

The main reason anyone wants to become a Disney Travel Planner is for the absolute love of Disney! This is a MUST, but not the only requirement. As we said above, this is a job and needs to be treated as such.

You must have a passion for helping others and a true love of all things Disney, as well as a great work ethic and pride in the job you do. As you grow, you may be able to help you and your family go on vacation more frequently or pay for your child’s tuition…. the possibilities are endless. But, you will need to work for it!

Benefits of Becoming an Disney Travel Planner

  1. It helps you become more knowledgeable of something you love and are passionate about.
  2. It could provide you with extra income if you take pride in your work.
  3. It could help you take more vacations if you do your job to the best of your ability.
  4. It may provide you and your family with more opportunities to go to a Disney destination.

Still not sure if becoming a Disney Travel Planner is right for you?

Take a peek at what our clients are saying about using our amazing travel planners! When asked the question: why do you use a travel planner, here are some of the responses we received:

We chose you because you are very good at what you do! You have always been able to get us exactly what we wanted when we wanted it. You always work with me no matter how many times I need to add things or move something around. Amy R.

Because you’re amazing at what you do! You keep me well prepared and very much in the know! Couldn’t do it with you! Tessa

I use you because you are the absolute best at your job! I will ALWAYS use you and tell everyone I know to do the same. Amanda H.

Applying to Become A Disney Travel Planner

If this is something you would be interested in be sure to check out Mandi’s company’s application and begin that process. It may just be the profession you have always wanted and needed!

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