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Be Our Guest

I have to be honest my family and I have not eaten at Be Our Guest for dinner, we have only eaten there for lunch. But lunch was very impressive, honestly. I almost did not write this post just because we have not had the “full” experience. But, I know there is a demand for Be Our Guest whether it’s for lunch or dinner and most people will take it however they can get it.

Be Our Guest is located in the Magic Kingdom nestled in the New Fastasyland and makes for a magical dining experience.

At lunch time this meal is considered a Counter/Quick Service meal and dinner is considered a table service meal. We were able to get a Fast Pass for our lunch meal. This Fast Pass is not the same as other Fast Passes. It’s so different that I almost thought we did not get the Fast Pass itself. I had to wait until our Fast Pass time and I crossed my fingers.

After all was cleared we scooped the kids up and went inside. Once inside we waited in a very short and very organized line that was settled around all of the knights in shining armor.

From there, one family at a time went up to a computer where we ordered our food.  We shortly went to a table in one of the three dining rooms where they brought us our lunch. They did have it set up like any other Quick Service Meal where we went and got our own condiments and drinks. But, I do have to admit the “fanciness” made it seem more special.

The three dining rooms were beautiful, the pictures we took did not do them any justice. The rooms were gorgeous! Two rooms were inspired by the movie, the Ballroom and the West Wing and the third room, the Rose Gallery.

If you have read any of my blogs for any length of time you know I like dessert and I will make sure I save room from my main dish to have dessert. The dessert did not disappoint at all. I actually ate all of ours. What? Don’t judge, everyone was full, remember I saved room for my dessert.

So worth the calories too! Oh did I mention, Be Our Guest desserts do not have any calories. Really? You believed me. Hey believe what you want, I am! Every dessert is calorie free in my book at Disney World!!!

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