The Disaster We Call 1900 Park Fare



So it was January 2015 and we ventured out and decided to take the kids to 1900 Park Fare for dinner. In all the years and times we have visited Walt Disney World we had never visited 1900 Park Fare until this visit (I know crazy!) and was it a doozy?!  Don’t get me wrong I had read many blogs and planning sites and heard mixed reviews about this famous establishment but, I really wasn’t prepared for this disappointment. Because see, Disney has never “highly” disappointed me. I mean, there are restaurants we don’t care for on Disney Resort Property and places that are just okay but, never really “highly” disappointed.

All of my posts are pretty light-hearted and I very rarely speak nasty or ugly of Disney or anyone else, for that matter and today won’t be any different but, our old trusty Disney friend was highly disappointing this trip. Disney is always on the top of our conversation list, but for happy reasons. But, when we think of 1900 Park Fare it’s not a “happy” conversation. I wont go into FULL details but, I will hit the highlights.

  •  Having reservations does not mean that you will be seated at your reservation time, I am fully aware of this and I am okay with it. But, when the wait time exceeds an hour passed your reservation time I get a little antsy! Yes, an hour! Not normal Disney service!
  • Once seated we were seated very close to the kitchen which normally I am okay with, again, but when the servers are extremely loud it kinda gave a weird vibe.
  • The food was just okay but, that’s a personal preference and it wouldn’t be a big deal if everything else would have been better.
  • Fast forward another almost an hour and a half and we still had not met Cinderella, her step sisters or Prince charming. Our dinner was over and we were then just WAITING! When we asked our server when the characters would make their way to our table she was very annoyed and gave very vague answers. Look, I know that the characters have a system they go by for greeting guests but, come on, an hour and half? Is this normal? All of the other Disney Character Dining experiences were/are not done this way. At least I don’t think…….
  • Even though we had a bad experience we will return to 1900 Park Fare. Yes you read right, we will return. Why? Because, I believe in Disney! I believe they will do things right and if they don’t, they will make it right. I believe people have bad days and Disney is full of people. I believe that they may have just been having a bad night and we just happened to experience the “bad” night! Whatever the case may be we will happily return with a good attitude. We will not let one so-called bad experience keep us away. Hey we have a good record, a gazillion good experiences versus one bad experience, not a big deal, right?!

Have you had a bad experience at a Disney Restaurant? Have you ever dined at 1900 Park Fare?

Please tell me if I set my expectations too high and you have these experiences a lot. I don’t believe I am, because as much as we visit I would think I would have noticed but, who knows I have been known to be in my Disney-bliss and not notice anything around me except my happiness. 😉

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