A Disney vacation travel planner (or any other destination travel planner) can be a huge asset to planning and building your vacation. There are some rules and guidelines that you may not be aware of. We don’t mean this to sound harsh, but we think it’s time everyone knows and understands exactly what vacation travel planners do AND why!

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Vacation Travel Planners Do NOT Work For Free

Do you work for free? I didn’t think so and neither do vacation travel planners. Travel planners are dedicated to making your vacation a complete success with zero stress. They put hours of work into the planning process so that you and family can have a flawless vacation. Travel planners do not get paid until your trip is complete. Did you know that a travel planners commission is ALREADY factored into your price? Yes, you ARE paying for a vacation travel planner whether you use one or not.

If you are just wanting free information or advice, go to google. Don’t waste their time because they want you to have the best experience possible with your vacation and that begins with a simple quote. From the moment you contact a travel planner, they begin trying to put together something amazing for you and your family. Again, travel planners absolutely LOVE their jobs and will talk travel to anyone, they are just THAT passionate about their jobs.

The Don’ts

  • DON’T ask for a “good deal” or a discount just because the travel planner is your friend. Travel Planners can only give you what is being offered at the current time. They do not make the prices up, the supplier does.
  • DON’T ask what the weather will be like on your vacation. We do not have a direct line to mother nature. They can tell you what the weather conditions “could” be like, but that is totally unpredictable.
  • DON’T ask for advice when you have NO intention on using the travel planner. If you are planning on doing your own vacation, then don’t ask for help if you do not have any intention on using a professional. This takes time away from those clients that actually value what their travel planner does for them.
  • DON’T think you will have no control over your vacation. This simply is not true. A travel planner is more of a personal guide. You will still have as much OR as little control as you would like. Some clients want to do all of the little details themselves, while others just hand over their credit card and tell the planner to work their magic!
  • DON’T take advice found on social media to heart. Yes, social media can be great when planning a vacation, but it can also be filled with rumors that may or may not be true!

The Do’s

  • DO be willing to work side by side with your travel planner. Your travel planner needs to know things about you and your family to be able to plan a wonderful vacation.
  • DO read emails that your travel planner sends! Most travel planners work online, so be sure to read any correspondence you receive from them. It will be important and pertain to your vacation.
  • DO understand that when you cancel your trip after postponing and re-booking it for three years, they STILL do not get paid. They do understand about family emergencies and things like that and will work with you in any way that they can. Three years may seem a little long and exaggerated, but trust me, we have seen it happen.
  • DO listen to your vacation planner. They are speaking from experience. Their job is to KNOW the ins and outs and the ups and down of your vacation destination.
  • DO NOT PANIC when tragedy strikes, such as Covid! Your planner will take the stress right away. They will spend hours on the phone changing and rearranging plans JUST FOR YOU!

Why Disney Vacation Travel Planners Do What They Do

Disney Vacation Travel Planners do what they do because they are passionate about travel and helping others make the most out of their vacations. Most of them thoroughly enjoy their jobs and yes, it is a real job. Let me say it again for those that may not have heard: IT’S A REAL JOB! They do have very fun jobs but they also work very hard. We have a lot of travel agent friends and we truly appreciate each and every one of them!

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