The Magic Is Still Alive Through The Cast Members At Disney World

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I am always so excited to enter the gates of Disney World, but I am always just as excited to leave, because that means I can come and tell all of you about it! As an annual passholder we get to go to Disney World frequently and every trip we experience something different. Disney World never lets us down and this past trip was no exception.

{I ran the Darkside Half Marathon and it was fabulous. That is another blog post in itself so be on the lookout. It was amazing!}

This time we decided to stay on property. We don’t always stay on property since we go so often, but since we wanted to be close to all of the runDisney festivities we opted to stay close and I am so glad we did, for many reasons.

I have to say every time we stay on property we are amazed by the cast members. Over the years we have had many experiences with the cast members, but this time the service blew us away. My children took a huge “liking” to the splash pad the Contemporary Resort has in their pool area. Every afternoon the kids, my husband and I would go down and relax by the splash pad. Which was perfect for me, I propped my sore feet up and may have even drank a margarita or two from The Sand Bar. The kids loved being in the water to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the days and my husband and I could enjoy watching them have a great time and meet new friends, all the while we were relaxing too! Win- Win, right?!

Again before I go any further we have had many awesome experiences with cast members over the years. Some have done some amazing things for my family and I, but not like the story I am about to tell you. Not only were my husband and I impressed, but my kids were too!

So back to my story…..

The Magic Is Still Alive Through The Cast Members At Disney World

One afternoon as we were lounging and taking it all in my kids were approached by the sweetest cast members. I do not know the technical name of their job, but at the time they were making samples from the pools and splash pads to test the water. In other words making sure the water was safe for us to be in. So yay for safety! Before they did their sampling they decided to stop and play with my kids.¬†I have to admit, I honestly looked over there and thought, it won’t last long. (Yeah, I know, I was a Debbie-Downer. Dude, I need to work on that!) But, I was so wrong the cast members stayed and played for the longest time with my kids. My kids had a blast and I even think they did too! As a matter of fact I know they did! All five were soaked! Laughs were loud, screams and squeals were loud and the whole experience was fantastic!

The Magic Is Still Alive Through The Cast Members At Disney WorldKatie and Eric went over and beyond! They were amazing with my kids. As a mama you know when people are genuine. You know when people really love kids or if they are just “putting on” a show for appearances. These two were the real deal! They love kids and you could tell with every laugh that came from all five of them while they played.

And the fun didn’t stop there! Shortly after my kids were greeted with more surprises from Katie and Eric. They both took the time out of their day to do something special for all three of my kids. Priceless!

My friends, I am telling you this because the magic is still alive at Disney. Whether you fancy Disney World or Disneyland the quality of service you get is amazing! As a parent I value that and always will!

Thank you Katie and Eric for being the highlight of our vacation! You are truly the “real deal” and make Disney an experience not just a vacation!

If you ask my kids what their favorite part of our last Disney vacation was they will say playing at the splash pad with the cast members. Not, yay mom for running the runDisney Darkside Half Marathon. Sigh…. dang kids, I thought mama did good! ūüôā

Either way, memories were made, laughter was heard and we saw light in a dark world.

Next time, someone does something amazing for you, call them out! Tell them! In a world full of negativity, we need more postitivity. People need to hear about the good things that go on, not just the bad.

In a World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind

The Magic Is Still Alive Through The Cast Members At Disney WorldNo one praises anyone anymore. No one takes the time out of their day to give a pat on the back and is kind to one another.

We live in a society that is so quick to judge, criticize and even tattle when someone makes a mistake or mishap.

Instead of waiting on someone to mess up, we need to start praising others and be kind. These employees deserved every bit of praise I gave and then some. I was just being honest and truthful. These employees and many others deserve kindness and praise at Disney World and beyond.

In a world that is starving for kindness. Be the light and show some kindness and compassion just like these amazing cast members did on our recent vacation!

The world needs it! ‚̧ԳŹ

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