9 Creative Ways To Collect Disney Character Autographs

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Everyone loves collecting Disney Character Autographs! If you don’t, either you are lying or you are not a true Disney fan! Am I right?! ūüėČ

You can go the traditional route by using the all-known Disney Autograph books that are on every corner and in every store in the Disney Parks. Or you can get creative and collect Disney autographs the nontraditional way with something that can also be used as a keepsake or something that can be used everyday. Instead of collecting them in the traditional autograph book that will end up in a drawer at home anyway, let’s get creative!

The best option is to choose something that will allow you to display Disney character autographs where you can see them daily.

We carefully chose these items below, because they are easy to carry and do not take up a lot of room in your Disney Parks Bag or in your stroller. I know I don’t like lugging around a big and heavy item into the parks! These items are small, compact and lightweight!

9 Creative Ways To Collect Disney Character Autographs

9 Creative Ways To Collect Disney Character Autographs

  1. Picture Mats:¬†Picture Mats, like this 5×7¬†and this 4×6, are a great, easy and cheap way to display Disney character autographs. Whichever you pick, just make sure it has a large mat so the characters have plenty of room to write!
  2. Pillowcases: Plain pillowcases with fabric markers are a perfect keepsake and can be seen every night!
  3. Princess Sash: Just like the ones you would receive at the¬†Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! Princess sashes will create a lot of playtime fun for the little ones once you arrive back home. Don’t forget you fabric markers.
  4. Disney Fabric Squares: Disney fabric squares can be used to make a keepsake quilt!
  5. Backpacks: Perfect for Back-to-School! Grab your fabric markers and go!
  6. Index Cards: If you are into scrapbooking. Index Cards would be perfect for characters to autograph.
  7. Apron: If you are a cook and are looking for something unique for the characters to autograph, well grab you a plain white apron and fabric markers and you have a perfect keepsake!
  8. T-Shirt:¬†Grab a cute¬†T-Shirt and head to the Parks for your favorite Disney Character Autographs! Don’t forget to grab your fabric markers.
  9. Polaroid Snaps: While the photo quality will never be what you can get from a digital camera, Polaroid snapshots is a fun idea for teens and tweens wanting to collect autographs. Get your photo snapped and printed with the Polaroid, then the character can sign at the bottom of the photo in the white border. These would be fun to then hang in their school locker, home bulletin board, or make a fun craft with when you are at home!

9 Creative Ways To Collect Disney Character Autographs

Tips For Collecting Disney Character Autographs

  • Please keep in mind that it is hard for costumed characters like Mickey and Pluto to see your items to have signed. Don‚Äôt pick items that are too small or they will have a hard time signing it or they won’t be able to sign it.
  • Easy to open clickable/ retractable Sharpies are what the characters and their handlers prefer. Although I mentioned fabric markers a lot above you be the judge of what will work best on your items.
  • If you do have a traditional autograph book, write your address in it. If you lose or forget it, you will have more of a chance of being reunited with it.
  • If you do use a traditional autograph book make sure you have your book opened to the page you want autographed and your pen ready when you approach the character.

All Of The Items Mentioned In This Article

Have fun collecting your favorite Disney Character Autographs! What are your favorite characters to collect autographs from? What do you normally get them to sign? Let us know in our Facebook Group, Disney Express Lane.

9 Creative Ways To Collect Disney Character Autographs


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