This question gets asked pretty often. We are going to break it down for you and talk about if it’s really that hot and humid in Florida. Yes, we definitely need to chat about the temperature at Disney World.

Some people don’t believe that the extreme heat is a “thing.” Sorry to say, my Disney friends… it MOST definitely IS a thing.

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Is It Hot In Disney World?

Let’s just say that Hades himself is standing at the entrance to Florida! This is actually my husband’s favorite thing to talk about when asked about Disney World! He wants to make sure everyone knows what they are getting themselves into before traveling to Florida.

We joke about this, but it can be very serious if you have never been and never felt it for yourself.

The Humidity at Disney

Summers in the deep south equal HOT AND HUMID. Humidity is not the same as dry heat – it’s seriously like walking into a hot, wet blanket. For instance, the temperature is currently 95, with a heat index of 105. The humidity makes it feel 10 to 20 degrees HOTTER than it actually is.

A water feature outside at Disney World with gray skies, and the sun still shining.

Tips For Surviving The Hot Temperature at Disney

Swamp Butt is a term used here in the south to describe how the heat makes you feel (and sometimes smell)! LOL! Be prepared with these tips on dealing with the heat in Orlando when visiting Disney World.

  • Wear good shoes. You will be walking a lot, and your feet will get hot and sweaty. Leave the cute shoes at home. If you are comfy in flip-flops, then have at it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
  • Speaking of shoes, bring extra. If you get caught in the rain, you will want a dry pair for the next day. There is nothing worse than getting up the next day and putting on wet shoes. YUCK!
  • Be prepared for the rain showers. Usually, right before a rain shower, it gets EVEN hotter. Then it cools off for a bit, then heats right back up. Don’t let the weather forecast fool you – It will usually say rain for most of the day, which is not accurate. It will rain, then clear up. Bring the ponchos and enjoy! Of course, if it’s storming, seek shelter. It will pass.
  • Bad hair IS a given! Yes, the humidity will make your hairdo some crazy stuff. Frizzy, dry, and nasty-feeling is a good way of describing it. Dry shampoo will help, or just be ready to throw it in a ponytail!
  • Baby wipes are not just for babies. You will appreciate this one…just bring the wipes!
  • “Disney Rash” is definitely a thing. It’s like a heat rash on steroids. Don’t worry, we’ve got even more tips. Read more about Disney Rash here!
  • Don’t forget this one – bring lots of deodorant. Preferably WITH an anti-antiperspirant as this will take care of the swamp butt smell!A women's legs showing an heat rash gotten while walking in extreme hot weather at Disney.

Is Animal Kingdom Hotter Than Other Parks?

It has not been officially proven either way, but some do feel that Animal Kingdom is hotter than the other Disney Parks.

One theory is that the vegetation responsible for the authentic animal habitat feel is said to create a sort of rainforest effect. This could cause the park to be hotter than the others. On the other hand, some people feel that all the trees and plants offer shade that isn’t available at most parks, making Animal Kingdom feel cooler to them.

I guess the answer to this question is still up to debate. 

Average Temperature at Disney by Month

Here are the average monthly highs for Orlando, FL, as shared by the NOAA. As you see, you get some relief from the heat in those cooler months but it’s still pretty warm!

  • January – 71° 
  • February – 74° 
  • March – 78° 
  • April – 83°
  • May – 87°
  • June – 90° 
  • July – 90° 
  • August – 91° 
  • September – 89°
  • October – 84° 
  • November – 78°
  • December – 74° 

Final Verdict: Is it Hot at Disney?

So the verdict is… it’s definitely HOT and you need to be ready for the temperature at Disney World during the summer months and even sometimes, the winter months. However, there are great ways to be prepared for the sometimes intense heat and still have a super-fun vacation at the parks!

Do you refuse a trip to Disney World in the summer months, or do you just go and deal with it? Let us know by joining DISNEY EXPRESS LANE, our Facebook group for all things Disney! We would love to hear any tips you have for surviving the heat. 

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