Did You Know? No Such Thing As A Perfect Disney World Vacation


Your Disney World vacation has been booked for months. During that time, you’ve been making your list and checking it twice. Time has been spent researching the perfect places to eat, the must-have photo opportunities, and food that you have to try. You’re so excited about having a magical vacation and making memories with your family. In your mind, you’ve planned it all out to be the perfect vacation. But I want to give you some advice: there’s no such thing as a perfect Disney World vacation, not even with ALL that magic.#WALTEXPRESS #DISNEYWORLD #DISNEYPLANNING Perfect Disney World Vacation

NO Such Thing As A Perfect Disney World Vacation

What are some things that you may encounter that will cause you to want to pull your hair out? Here are a few that you may not have thought about.

  • Your kids will throw a tantrum and who knows, your spouse may throw one too! It’s frustrating when you get to the front of the line on your favorite ride and an epic meltdown occurs that causes you to turn around and leave. 
  • Be prepared for bad weather. I’ve never been on a Disney trip where I didn’t experience some sort of bad weather. Chances are high that it will at least rain. One vivid memory comes from our kids’ very first trip. A few hours after we arrived, we had dinner reservations at Chef Mickey. We forgot umbrellas and ponchos. A massive rain shower occurred walking from the bus to the monorail. We arrived for our reservations soaking wet. 
  • Walt Disney World can be unbelievably hot and miserable at times. Pair that with waiting in line with your kids and it can be rough. 
  • Not to mention the attitudes that spill over into your perfect photo op. You’re getting your family picture in front of Cinderella’s Castle and one child (or adult) is not cooperating. 

Have A Plan In Place

It’s great to have a plan in place. There’s no problem at all with having a list of things that you’ve got to try. But the one word you need to keep in mind throughout the planning and the trip itself is flexibility. You’ve got to give yourself a little room for changes. 

You see, a Walt Disney World vacation is the most magical trip your family will experience. Even with all the magic, there will be things that are frustrating. Understand that the joy and excitement of the vacation isn’t necessarily based upon what happens, but rather how you respond to it.

Unexpected Can Mean Extra Magic

Do you remember when I mentioned the unexpected rain shower on the way to dinner? Well, we wanted to get on the bus and go back to the resort. Just skip the reservations. We were miserable. However, we decided to push through and go to dinner. It was in the midst of the misery that we got to experience a little of the Disney magic we’d heard about. A cast member saw us and brightened our evening (and our whole trip). My son had his Goofy hat on. The cast member asked if she could take the hat and get it signed. Little did we know that it would be Goofy himself that returned with the hat in hand. He made our son’s night when he took the time to pose for pictures with him. #WALTEXPRESS #DISNEYWORLD #DISNEYPLANNING

There will be moments that you get frustrated. But, just roll with the punches. Make the most of those moments. You never know; it may be the most frustrating times that become the fondest memories! 

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Scott Coleson

Scott is the husband of Walt Express Travel Planner Lauren Coleson. Together, they work with families to make sure they get the most out of every second of their Disney vacation. He is a recent convert to the Disney life and can be found reading up on the latest news and watching Disney videos everyday (you’ve gotta make it through the day somehow, right?) In addition to being a contributor with Walt Express and working behind the scenes with Lauren, Scott serves in ministry as a pastor.

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