Disney After Hours Halloween Boo Bash


Something spooky is around this way… It’s a Halloween Boo Bash at Disney! Everyone loves a costume party and this is one of the biggest and best ones around. Disney After Hour parties are a fantastic addition to any vacation. The Boo Bash variant is Disney’s current version of a Halloween party! In this post, we will keep you updated on all things Boo Bash such as tickets, availability, and special events. 

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Disney After Hours: Halloween Boo Bash

After Hour Events are a great way to experience Disney World in a fun new way. From shortened lines at attractions to exclusive snacks, these events have it all! All that’s needed is a special ticket and a love for the magic.

Disney’s Boo Bash is Disney’s first After Hours event post-Covid. Below, you’ll find some of the things I’m most excited about!

What is Disney Boo Bash?

Disney After Hour Events are events that occur after the park, in which they are located, close for the night. For Boo Bash, this will be a 3-hour event that begins at either 9 or 9:30 PM depending on the date of the event.


This year’s Halloween Boo Bash will take place at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This means you’ll get much shorter wait times for some of your favorite classic rides such as:


During these events, you’ll enjoy all sorts of complimentary snacks such as:

  • Popcorn
  • Seasonal drinks
  • Fun ice cream treats

What To Do 

While enjoying these amazing snacks you can sit back, relax, and watch stupendous cavalcades featuring fan favorites like Chip and Dale, Jack Skellington, Maleficent, and so many more!

Disney’s Boo Bash Dates

So, when can you start reserving your spot at a Boo Bash? The official start date for buying tickets is June 15 and guests staying on Disney property can start purchasing tickets on June 8th.

I have a birthday coming up sooo “hint, hint”.

The parties will take place on various dates from August 10- October 31. If you would like to attend one of these events, now is the time to contact your travel agent!

Halloween Pricing

Boo Bash’s prices are comparable to the pricing of events pre-Covid. They range depending on the date that you would like from $129-$199.

Fun Fact: The closer to Halloween, the higher the price! If you happen to be DVC or an Annual passholder, there is a $10 discount per ticket for the months of August and September.

The price may be steep, but it does allow access to the party and it allows you to enter the park as early as 7 PM the day of the event. Costumes

One of the most spectacular perks of these events is that the entire family can dress up! Typically Disney does not allow guests above a certain age to dress in costume, but that rule is gone for this event!

Disney’s Boo Bash is the only event this year that allows the entire family to dress in a themed costume. Think of the options! My wife and I always try and theme our outfits at Disney World, but with Boo Bash, we would be able to theme costumes!

Spectral Spirit

One of the coolest features is that with your Memory Maker, your pictures can take on a life of their own! Disney truly works their magic in making sure they never miss an opportunity to add a little pixie dust. Watching your little ones light up when they see what concoctions they’ve worked up will be a party all on its own! That wraps up what we know so far about Disney’s Boo Bash! So don’t wait! Contact your agent today and join in for a ghoulishly good time!

Come join the party over on Facebook in our Disney Express Lane here!

Click here to look at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, which is extremely close to Magic Kingdom (the location of the Boo Bash)!

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