Skyliner Officially Opening September 2019 At Disney World Parks

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Our family frequents Disney World a few times a year. Sometimes we drive down because flights are expensive, and honestly, we don’t like waiting on the buses. We’re not big on waiting. I know, loving Disney, and not being big on waiting probably don’t seem like they go together. Really, it’s more of a pre and post park preference. We love having multiple modes of transportation to and from our Disney World resort and it has just become easier with the Disney World Skyliner Opening in September.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyskyliner Disney World Skyliner Opening

Disney World Skyliner Opening

At the beginning of the day the kids are READY TO GO TO THE PARK!! (I hope you read that with the excitement of a small child, as it was intended), have all of the emotions, and all of the energy!! At the end of the day we (the parents), NEED TO BE IN THE ROOM (I hope you read that with the exhaustion and urgency, as it was intended), and don’t have the energy to wait on transportation.

Monorail resorts are our favorite, but like most people, we can’t afford those every trip. The thing we love about the monorail resorts is how many people can fit on the monorail. This allows for faster and more efficient transportation to and from the parks. Currently, all of Disney’s Value and Moderate Resorts depend on Disney’s Bus transportation to and from the parks. Sometimes buses get held up, and the wait can be longer than desired. Disney World saw a need and provided a solution.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyskyliner Disney World Skyliner Opening

More Convenience is coming!

Coming in just over two months, Disney World will debut their brand new mode of transportation: Disney Skyliner. Opening September 29, this mode of transportation is reminiscent of the Disney Skyway connecting Fantasyland to Tomorowland at Magic Kingdom. The Skyway was operational at Disney World until November 1999. One of the stations is now home to the only bathrooms I’d describe as beautiful or “selfie worthy” on Disney property, the Tangled themed bathrooms. Disney World took this older mode of transportation and brought a modern flair to it! These new larger gondolas will feature classic Disney characters, movies, and rides you know and love.

The Skyliner will connect four different Disney World Resorts to two different Disney World theme parks. Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Disney’s Rivera Resort, Disney’s Pop Century Resort, and Disney’s Art of Animation Resort will all be connected to Hollywood Studios as well as Epcot. In the past, Disney World has only provided buses to serve as Theme Park transportation from Moderate and Value Resorts. Deluxe Category resorts were the only ones given the option of walking, taking the monorail, or boat to a park. The Skyliner will change all of that! The resorts the Skyliner services will include two resorts from the Value Resort Category (Pop Century and Art of Animation), one resort from the Moderate Resort Category (Caribbean Beach), and one Resort from the Deluxe Villa Category (Rivera). This is fantastic news for those of us who love convenience, but also have a budget!

Disney World Skyliner Opening September 29

The Skyliner will consist of 300 cabins and will hold 10 guests per cabin. The cabins are also able to accommodate wheelchairs as well as guests riding assistive devices. The Skyliner has been estimated to transport up to 3000 guests per hour! While the cabins do not have air conditioning, they have been specifically tailored to provide a comfortable ride for guests traveling in the Florida climate. They have been designed with cross-vent for air flow, and reflective windows to prevent direct sunlight.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyskyliner Disney World Skyliner Opening

The gondolas will provide incredible views as they transport you at a birds eye view across Disney property. Each gondola will feature different classic Disney characters, movies, and rides you know and love. They’re sure to be the perfect spot for selfies and photo ops as well as provide convenient and efficient travel across property.

I don’t know about you, but we are looking forward to trying this new mode of transportation out as soon as possible! Stay tuned for details!

This skyliner will be a game changer! Find out more about Disney transportation by clicking HERE!

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