Fireworks Viewing Locations That Will Knock Your Socks Off: The Wishes Dessert Party

Although you can pretty much see “Wishes” fireworks from basically anywhere in the Magic Kingdom, we all know that everyone has their own favorite viewing spot. My favorite spot is tucked away just as you walk down Main Street USA and veer off to the right in front of The Plaza Restaurant.  Just before you enter Tomorrowland, there is a little haven known as Terrace Restaurant and it’s my favorite because this is where “Wishes Dessert Party” is held on select nights.

wishesdessert4This is by far my family’s favorite place to watch the “Wishes” fireworks for many different reasons. During fireworks, like all other shows and experience at the Magic Kingdom, the best viewing areas can get quite crowded way before they even start. Not a fan of basically standing around for up to an hour waiting for something to start? With the “Wishes Dessert Party” many people can stay at their assigned table to enjoy the show. If your table is located more at the back of the terrace, no problem because once the show is about to begin you can make your way to the front and have a nice, un-crowded railing to lean against with just as good a view of the people who stayed in their seat. Plus you have the benefit of not having to stand and reserve your spot for up to an hour before show-time. The entire terrace offers breathtaking views of both Cinderella’s Castle during the pre-show as well as surrounding areas where the fireworks are shot off.

Nestled outside under a nice overhang with a direct view of Cinderella’s Castle, “Wishes Dessert Party” is a great way for people of all ages to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. When you first arrive and after you check in and enter the terrace, each member of your group is greeted with a glass of sparkling cider served in a plastic champagne flute and you are escorted to your reserved table where you are seated and told about the various goodies and beverages for you to enjoy throughout the party.

Wishes Dessert PartyWhen I say there is literally something for everyone, I mean something for everyone! For the sweeter options there are mini rice crispy treats, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate truffles, soft serve ice cream, cupcakes, tarts, and various pastries! Don’t feel like indulging in all of those sweets? That’s quite all right because the dessert party also offers a wide variety of fresh seasonal fruits, as well as a nice selection of cheeses. Also for the offering is a beverage counter offering a choosing of milk, lemonade, various juices, coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, and water. The best part about the spread of all of the tasty treats and snacks is that it’s all you care to eat so this is a great opportunity to opt for an early dinner and then go and indulge in lots of tasty treats without worrying about being too full either from dinner or before you go to dinner.

wishesdessert1Basically if you want to enjoy the “Wishes Fireworks” without being overcrowded or having to stay around to long while you get to enjoy tasty treats then the “Wishes Dessert Party” would be a good idea for you. It is pretty quick to book up so I do suggest that as soon as you reach your 180 days before travel mark that you make reservations for the party because it does book up fast.  The price point is $49 for adults, and $29 for children (including tax). Reservations for this experience are available to book on the Walt Disney World website or by calling (407) WDW-DINE.

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~Rob Klemm

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