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Disney World FastPass

Is the FastPass confusing to you? Don’t know where to begin? Let Walt Express help! Our friend Nick, explains exactly what fastpasses are and how you can make the most out of using them on your next Disney World vacation! Use them properly and you may NEVER have to wait in line!! Yep, don’t miss this one!

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Here is a recap of how the FastPass system works at Disney World.


  • Each attraction has a maximum capacity (how many people can ride in a certain time frame). Therefore a certain number of fastpasses are allowed each hour.


  • If you are a Disney World resort guest, you are allowed to make three fast passes in advance, 60 days before your vacation begins. This is done through the My Disney Experience website or the My Disney Experience App.
  • If you are not staying at a Disney World resort, you are allowed to make three fast passes in advance, 30 days before your vacation begins.
  • You will be allowed to make fastpasses at one hour increments.  For example, a perfect day in Animal Kingdom would be: Pandora, Flights of Passage at 9 am, Kilimanjaro Safari at 10 am and Expedition Everest at 11 am.


Here is the key to getting the fastpasses that you want!

  • When making a fastpass, Disney gives you a fastpass time, but you are not “locked” in to that time frame. Confirm the time and then MODIFY that time.

Walt Express Tips

  • Once you are in the park and you use those first three fast passes, you can grab more, one at a time. If the time is not the preferred time that you need or want, simple modify it by refreshing until a time you prefer is available.
  • Remember that some parks are on the “tiered” system. This means that you can only choose one attraction from tier one and two attractions from tier two. For example, in Hollywood Studios, all of the new Toy Story attractions are on the same tier. You can only choose one of those attractions for one of your first three fast passes. Then you would choose two other attractions from tier two, such as Rockin’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror.

Knowing how the Disney Fastpass system works helps to make sure you never have to wait in line for your favorite attraction!

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