Why You Should Take Your Kids to Disney World NOW!

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Do you ever worry that your children are too young for a Disney vacation? Read Why You Should Take Your Kids to Disney World NOW! to find out why you shouldn’t wait to take your children to the Disney parks.

How Young Is Too Young for Disney?

Walt Disney World has always held fond childhood memories for me, but my family’s first trip almost didn’t happen. Those who know me well will find it hard to believe that I ever balked at a Walt Disney World vacation. We LOVE all things Disney, but planning that first trip really worried me. My son had just turned three and I was so worried that he was far too young to enjoy the magic. I had done tons of research and read tons of blogs and opinions differ so much. I was worried he would be scared of the characters, I was worried he wouldn’t sleep well in a hotel, and I was worried sick over him regressing on his potty training. Worst of all, I had so many people tell me it would be a waste of money because he wouldn’t remember a bit of it.  

A Change Of Heart

Why You Should Take Your Kids to Disney World NOW!With so many worries, you might wonder what changed my mind. Well, my mother was the one who changed it for me. She gave me some great advice that I am going to pass along to all of you now. She told me that the first trip really isn’t about the kids, it’s about making memories as a parent. As always, she was right.  

That trip is one of the best vacations I have ever taken and it’s full of memories that I wouldn’t trade for any amount of money. Were there meltdowns (both parents and child)?  Yes. Were there things that we look back on and wish we had done differently? Sure. Would I have waited and gone when my son was a bit older if I had known then what I know now? Not a chance!  

You Can’t Put An Age On Making Memories

Why You Should Take Your Kids to Disney World NOW!I look back at pictures and videos from this trip often and the memories also play back in my mind frequently.  There isn’t a thing I would change about taking my three year old to Disney… Well, maybe I would have listened and scheduled those afternoon naps every day.  But seriously, those memories will be with me long after my child is grown and gone off to live his own life with his own family.

I will never forget the look of glee on his face when he saw the Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade. He lit up when he saw the bubbles that were “all over the place” as he sat atop my husband’s shoulders.  I won’t forget the sweet moments of my husband and I walking out of the theme parks holding a sleeping three-year old against our chests. I will never forget the precious moment of him snuggled up close to us on Dumbo or Peter Pan’s Flight with my mom and dad riding behind us.  

Magic Is For Everyone

Why You Should Take Your Kids to Disney World NOW!In my mind, I can’t help but think how special it is that I was once that young and enjoying these same rides with my family. Now we are able to enjoy the exact same things with my own children and parents.  My hopes are that when my son is grown, he will also consider taking his young children to “our happy place.” Maybe, just maybe (if I play my cards right), he will ask us to join them in making memories too.  

Should he and his spouse also have reservations about taking their small child to Walt Disney World, I will be sure to remind him that his child’s first trip isn’t always about what the little one will remember. Sometimes it’s all about intentionally making memories that will carry you through days when you need a happy thought.

So, I will leave you with the video above of my oldest son on his first trip to Walt Disney World.  When you see his excitement, I hope it will help those of you who are on the fence about booking a trip with young children.  Although Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade is no longer available at Animal Kingdom, I can assure you that there are so many other parades that your children will adore.  Best of all, I know these memories will be like a sparkle of pixie dust throughout the years ahead.

Why You Should Take Your Kids to Disney World NOW!

What are your feelings about taking small children to Walt Disney World?  Do you think taking the little ones to Walt Disney World or another Disney destination is worth it, even if they won’t remember it?  Join the Disney Express Lane Facebook Group to share your thoughts and tell us all about how your first Disney vacation went.

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