Top 6 Snacks at Epcot You Don’t Want to Miss!

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Check out the Top 6 Snacks at Epcot You Don’t Want to Miss! This yummy countdown will have you wanting to book a trip just to sample the satisfying splendor of these Epcot snacks.

I’m baaaack and I am ready to snack around the world or at least the World Showcase.  Have no fear though, because while we are scouring all of Epcot for the best snacks around, we will stop in many areas throughout the park, not just the World Showcase.  I only kept one rule in mind while creating this list, every item must be an eligible snack on the Disney Dining Plan.   So, who is with me?  Are you ready to hear about my top 6 snacks at Epcot?

Top 6 Snacks at EPCOT


Top 6 Snacks at Epcot You Don't Want to Miss!

Ok so you might be thinking that a mega-chain like Starbucks does not belong on the best of the best Epcot list of snacks, but it is super exciting for those of us who have been wanting decent coffee in the parks for years.  I can remember my very first trip to Disney World as a mother and I will never forget desperately looking for the elixir of life, better known to many as coffee.  When you have a child who hasn’t slept for more than a three-hour stretch at one time since birth, you sometimes wish that the family from Meet the Robinson’s really did invent those caffeine patches.  But nooooo, I couldn’t find a single one of those caffeine patches anywhere on Disney property, nor could I find any coffee in the theme parks that resembled the liquid gold that had been keeping me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed since my son’s birth.  So needless to say, getting a Starbucks in every theme park was a HUGE deal to me and I am sure that my husband would like to thank the people behind this decision as well.

Now I realize you probably didn’t need that soliloquy about my need for coffee, but the thing you do need to know about Starbucks is that you can basically get any latte or coffee on the menu for one snack credit AND you can even add an extra espresso shot to your drink of choice at no extra cost.  Now that is what I call maximizing a snack credit.  If you see me in Future World with my Starbucks cup, please note that it is now probably safe to approach me and give me a hug for this great tip.

#5-School Bread

Tucked away into Norway is the Kringla Bakeri og Cafe where a foodie favorite is served to the masses daily.  School Bread is a treat that is recommended as one of the best snacks in Epcot on every message board, chat, or Facebook posts about snacks and I can understand why.  The basic sweet roll is filled with mild, not too sweet pudding and topped with a thin layer of icing and a bit of toasted, shaved coconut.  If you love pastries, this one is a real treat.  The only thing that kept it from falling closer to the top of my list is because it is served cold and to me that typically makes a pastry taste a bit stale.

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#4-Specialty Popcorn

Top 6 Snacks at Epcot You Don't Want to Miss!Y’all already know that my family has a thing for popcorn and Epcot really delivers by dishing up a specialty popcorn kiosk in the Imagination Pavilion right beside Journey Into the Imagination.  This snack cart offers up gourmet flavored popcorns that are bursting with flavor; these are not the standard prepackaged versions we have gotten throughout the parks, these are freshly popped and coated versions that are worth being on every park’s top 5 list.  There are three different flavors for your tasting pleasure: cheddar cheese, sour cream and chives, and buffalo and bleu cheese.  The cheddar cheese is coated in what resembles a sharp cheddar sauce, yet the popcorn has stayed nice and crunchy without getting soggy like it would with most coatings.  The sour cream and chives is even more robust and popping with flavor; it has the nice smoothness of the sour cream and the bite of the chives without being powdery or artificial tasting.  My favorite of the three flavors is the buffalo and bleu cheese.  I have always loved spicy foods and the buffalo and bleu cheese combo has always been one of my favorite profiles because it combines the salty goodness of the bleu cheese with the tangy, brightness of the vinegar based buffalo sauce.  No matter which one you think sounds like the perfect pick for you, I promise that you won’t regret this use of a snack credit.

#3-Creme Brulee

Les Halles Boulangerie and Patisserie in the French Pavilion is the home of some of the best snacks on property, but it really wouldn’t be fair to the competition to have the whole top 5 from the same location.  Some of the most amazing sweet snacks here include the creme puff, the chocolate eclair, and the napoleon.  However, my favorite sugary option here is the creme brulee.  The creme brulee here has the classic, crunchy, caramelized sugar crust and a smooth vanilla creme in the middle.  The thick caramelized crust is the star of this snack, so make sure you get an extra spoon (not for sharing this snack, but just in case the plastic spoon happens to break while you are cracking through that delectable, crunchy crust).Top 6 Snacks at Epcot You Don't Want to Miss!

#2-Caramel Corn

Oh, the Karamell-Kuche in the German pavilion… Does it get much better than a place that is dedicated to caramel treats? Seriously, you can’t even walk by this place without smelling the heavenly aroma of Werther’s original caramel.  Y’all know my family loves popcorn, so I’m sure you are not surprised some type of popcorn has landed so high on my list. However, popcorn fanatic or not, I don’t know a single person that has tried the heavenly caramel corn at Karamell-Kuche and walked away without purchasing at least a small bag of this creamy, buttery caramel corn. Come to think of it, I know quite a few people who won’t eat popcorn anywhere else, yet end up eating over half of my bag of the crunchy and fresh caramel corn (I’m looking at you, hubby). The next time you are in the German pavilion, you must stop by and watch the cast members make this fresh and grab a bag to go(or two if you have someone with you who swears they don’t like popcorn).

Top 6 Snacks at Epcot You Don't Want to Miss!
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#1-Croissant Doughnut (a.k.a. The Cronut)

Oh y’all!  I can’t even get that title typed out without salivating. Seriously, this croissant donut is just too good to even explain. Note that it would be very easy to miss, but every Disney food/snack lover should get out their park map and immediately mark the Refreshment Port as a must stop location. If you are headed into Canada, this snack spot is tucked away to the right before you reach Le Cellier. The menu changes a lot, but for well over two years they have been serving up what is lovingly known as the Cronut in most places, but because that term is trademarked Disney calls it the Croissant Doughnut. What makes this a family favorite is that it is always served up fresh out of the deep fryer and the flaky layers are buttery and soft but the exterior has the crunch of a good, homemade cinnamon and sugar toast.  It’s the perfect combination of incredible pastry and sugary sweetness. My mother prefers it served a la mode, but I don’t care for the added sweetness. No matter how sweet you prefer your snacks, do not miss the opportunity to try this unique and delicious snack. I think if Mary Poppins were allowed to stroll over to the Refreshment Port, she would agree with me when I say that this snack is “practically perfect in every way”.

Top 6 Snacks at Epcot You Don't Want to Miss!
Pic Credit- Kristen Jimenez

Ok friends, now you have my carb loaded list of my top 6 snacks in Epcot. How does it compare to your favorites in and around the World Showcase? Did I leave off your favorite or did you read this and need to wipe the drool off of your keyboard?  Please chime in and let us know what you think. We can’t wait to hear what your favorites are because we will be using guest comments and our current lists to create our Grand Finale Top 10 snacks in all of Walt Disney World post at the end of the series.  Stay tuned for the top snack list for Hollywood Studios coming up in 2 weeks on Walt Express. Until next time, I hope your days are filled with faith, trust and pixie dust.

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Top 6 Snacks at Epcot You Don't Want to Miss!

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