10 Tips On How To Survive Disney World During Thanksgiving Holidays

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Are you heading to Disney World during the Thanksgiving holidays? Walt Express has you covered with 10 Tips On How To Survive Disney World During Thanksgiving Holidays. Of course, this being 2020 and all, we have NEW RULES! #waltexpress #disneyworld #disneythanksgiving Survive Disney World During Thanksgiving

Survive Disney World During Thanksgiving

No one does the holidays like Disney World and we mean NO ONE! Anytime you can get there is a great time to visit, but when you visit during a specific holiday, there is just extra magic everywhere! There are also extra crowds. This means it can be a stressful time to visit, if you allow it to be. Disney World can be stressful? Yes, it can. Don’t worry! Walt Express has 10 great tips to help get you through the Thanksgiving holidays at Disney World.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneythanksgiving Survive Disney World During Thanksgiving

10 Tips On How To Survive Disney World During Thanksgiving Holidays

When schools in the U.S. are out, the crowds in Disney World will increase. Especially during a holiday time. The crowds during Thanksgiving are really unpredictable. Early in the week, you may see low crowds. Later in the week, BAM! Everyone shows up! There is a secret to surviving: PLAN, PLAN and then PLAN some more! A travel planner would be a great addition during this time! In this time of Covid, Thanksgiving at Disney World is going to look a little different. Be sure you KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!

  1. Dining reservations. Definitely grab reservations at the 60 day mark! Some restaurants in the parks and the resorts will host a traditional Thanksgiving feast, but you will want to grab that reservation early! Don’t wait!
  2. NO Fast passes. Sadly, no fast passes for this year. Be sure to stay up to date on wait times through the My Disney Experience APP!
  3. Rest. Don’t wear yourself out! Find the best resting spots right here: TOP SPOTS FOR A BREAK!
  4. Good attitude. This is KEY! You KNOW it will be crowded and you KNOW the lines will be long. You ARE in Disney World…concentrate on the magic and have a good attitude.
  5. Weather. For the most part, the weather is very pleasant during this time! Be prepared for rain. Bring ponchos and rain gear, just incase.
  6. Which park to choose? This one is tricky. Magic Kingdom WILL BE the most crowded park. I mean, who doesn’t want to spend Thanksgiving Day in the Magic Kingdom? Choose another park to spend the day in or see number 8.
  7. Be nice to cast members. Cast members are away from their families during the holidays so they can bring magic to YOUR family!
  8. Avoid the parks. Resort hop on Thanksgiving day! Grab a dining reservation for Thanksgiving lunch or dinner at one of Disney World’s Resorts. Definitely think about a “family day” at the resort. Grab lunch or dinner at your resort (or hop over to another resort), lounge by the pool and RELAX! After all, you will want to save your energy for Black Friday shopping in Disney Springs!
  9. Lines everywhere. There WILL be crowds and lines pretty much everywhere, but it’s totally doable! Be patient. Social distancing will be strictly enforced this year, making crowds appear larger.
  10. Staying on-site. Seriously think about staying on-site for big holidays, especially for the “first timers”. Staying on-site does make getting around Walt Disney World property a lot easier when there are big crowds!#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneythanksgiving Survive Disney World During Thanksgiving

Extra Social Distancing Tips

  • Bring and wear your mask!
  • Be prepared for temperature checks, not only in the parks, but in sit down/table service restaurants.
  • Social distancing will be strictly enforced.
  • BE sure to check out Disney World’s KNOW BEFORE YOU GO page to stay up to date!

Patience Required To Survive Disney World During Thanksgiving

While there are tons of ways to “do Disney”, these are just some tips and tricks that we have learned along the way. If this is the only time you and your family are able to visit Disney World, then it’s a perfect time! Our editor and chief has been going on Thanksgiving for many years. Although it is not her favorite time to go, due to the crowds, it is still an adventure and makes for great family memories. The secret to her success is patience!

What are your thoughts about visiting Disney World on Thanksgiving? Did you survive? We would love to hear all about it!

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