5 Reasons NOT to Race with runDisney

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We all make a pros and cons list when trying something new.  Here is a short list of reasons why one should not participate in a runDisney race. Keep these in mind when you decide on any kind of race. Check out 5 Reasons NOT to Race with runDisney!

1) If You Are NOT a Morning Person

Due to logistics, the runDisney races are run at a fairly early time in the morning.  And it is not really the start time that is the issue.  It is the 3am wake up call that is the doozy.  The runDisney race booklet clearly states that if you are staying at a Disney owned resort that you must be on a bus before 4am.  With the amount of time I snooze my alarm and then add in how long it takes to get ready and wait in line to get on the bus, 3am seems to be the latest I can sleep and still make it in time that is comfortable for me.  In general, be reasonable with your time in the park the day before, but sometimes it is hard to breakaway for an early bed time.  I promise you it is worth it!!!

2) If You are a Spend Thrift

Most likely Disney may not even be on the radar if you hate to spend money in general.  Add on the generous race registration fees and you have a healthy vacation.  From $80 for the 5k to $330 for the 10k/half Challenges it can add up fast.  Take it a step further for the Goofy at $365 and the Dopey at $560 and you’ve now entered a different dimension.  And unlike most things Disney, you CANNOT put a down payment on the race.  It is all due up front.  The nice part is is that it is paid for up front so when the Disney vacation gets here it doesn’t feel like a sucker punch.  However, can you do Disney on a budget? HECK YEAH.  Can you do runDisney on a budget? Why yes you can. Just plan accordingly and you can have the best runDisney vacation.

5 Reasons NOT to Race with runDisney3) If You Like a Lot of Race Swag

At the time of my first runDisney race we would not only get a race t-shirt but also a mesh drawstring backpack.  I totally thought it was an awesome addition.  Since then the bag was replaced with plastic sling bags that will double for race day storage.  There was however a trade off.  Over the years the t-shirts became gender specific and the medals made a huge improvement.  So if that is where that money was spent I am totally ok with it.  There are plenty of runs that give a race participant everything from socks to hats to gloves.  Just don’t expect that from runDisney.  Don’t be too dismayed, while at the expo there will be plenty of runDisney and race specific paraphernalia to purchase.  Oh and if you are pin collector, you can pre-purchase the race specific runDisney trading pin when you register for that race.  I wish I had started that with my first.

5 Reasons NOT to Race with runDisney4) If You Hate Being Around Crowds

Again, most likely Disney is not on the top of your “to-do” list for vacations.  Well I am here to tell you that the runDisney races aren’t too much better than the parks.  runDisney does a much better job logistically handling the large crowds over some of the other large race options.  The shorter races you are easily rubbing elbows with other runners most of the time.  There are parts that open up on the roads that allows you to spread out. You will find this a welcomed relief from the Toe to Toe feeling you get off and on in the run.  Realistically, there are just as many areas where the course narrows as they open.  Just be prepared. You’ll know it when you get there.  Even if you like crowds it is easy to get overwhelmed.  Just remember you are all out there to have fun.

5) If You Don’t Expect to Wait for Character Pictures

Once people caught on that you can stop and snap a pic with the characters, the lines grew.  So did the strict cut off and the balloon ladies.  Yes if a runner gets passed by the balloon ladies they will get swept off the course.  This is a whole other topic, but keep in mind that there is a time limit on the course. Try strategizing stops.  Cause as much as taking a picture with a favorite character sounds appealing, finishing in a timely manner is important.  Just like in the parks the characters rotate.  Try this strategy: “If I see the villains” I will stop and wait. If taking a picture is top priority in general if there are 5 people or less waiting..STOP.  That is a super short line and it won’t take a big chunk out of your time.  Create your own strategy just keep the time in mind.

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