Updated: 8 Facts About the New Refillable Mug Design at Disney World

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Disney World’s refillable mugs have seen so many changes over the past 9 years since they were introduced (in 2013) – today, we’re sharing 8 Facts About the New Refillable Mug Design at Disney World everyone needs to know before they go!

The Refillable Mugs No Longer Look Like The Video Below, But We Miss Them!

8 Facts About the New Refillable Mug Design at Disney World

Disney’s Refillable Mug program has its avid fans and its dedicated detractors. We have a dedicated post here to give you all of the basic facts you need to know about Disney’s refillable mug program (and whether it’s worth the cost), but this post is just dedicated to the current mug designs. Be sure to read that post for an overview of the program, current costs and pros/cons of the mugs.

(Note: there is currently no refillable mug program at Disneyland – that’s been gone for awhile, so if you’re heading to California and not Florida, this program won’t be available to you.)

#1: Handles are back

For a little while, Disney took away the cup’s handles, making them similar to a regular coffee tumbler, but most of their recent designs have brought the handles back, but with a design upgrade that moved the placement of the handle up.

Complaints about the previous handles were that they couldn’t be tucked into strollers or backpacks when not in use. These new handles will allow the mugs to fit into some strollers, but not all. (However, you can upgrade to a handle-free design – see #2.) Most people find the handle design more convenient – especially when carrying multiple drinks for the whole family.

#2: Upgrading the Refillable Mug

Disney World has also given the option to upgrade your refillable mug to a stainless steel cup that has a certain design on them. The current design is a Star Wars design. 

The upgraded refillable cups keep drinks cold for 12 hours and drinks warm for 6 hours. We love these cups because they work great at the parks, are vacuum-sealed so they are leak-proof and we can get a lot of use out of them at home, unlike the plastic mugs which we only use in backyard or on pool days.

#3: Straws

It’s a lot easier and more pleasant to use a straw in the mugs when enjoying a cold beverage.

Since Disney World has implemented the new paper straws, we have been bringing reusable straws. If you have used a paper straw you know they get soggy quite fast. 

#4 You can now re-activate mugs on future trips

While you don’t get a discount for using an older mug (it will still be the full $19.99 fee), re-activating works great if you had paid for an upgraded stainless steel cup on a previous trip and want to stick with that cup rather than the standard plastic mug.

#5: Two Minute Wait Time

Recently, Disney has implemented a two-minute wait time between refills. (I assume this has something to do with people trying to use one mug and get several cups of soda or coffee for multiple guests.) This isn’t a big deal for most people, but if you’re someone who likes to mix your drinks – like half decaf/half regular coffee or do a mix of sodas, plan to wait for 2 minutes between each addition. (This also can be frustrating if you accidentally fill up with the wrong drink…)

Water Park Refillable Mug (credit: DisneyParksBlog)

#6: Disney’s Water Parks Have their Own Mugs!

While you still can’t use resort mugs for free drinks at the parks, Disney Springs or Disney’s water parks, you can now purchase a refillable mug for the waterparks! (And yes, they have their own 50th anniversary edition out now.)

#7: New Flip-Top Cover

The previous mugs were frustrating with their swivel-top “closure” that often led to leaks and pools of liquid on the top of the cup. While the current mug is still not completely leak-proof, they work a lot better than the previous design. (The new lid is shown in the image below.)

However, if you upgrade to the stainless steel cup, they are vacuum-sealed!

50th Anniversary Mug Options (credit: DisneyParksBlog)

#8: Some Unique Mug Design Options Still Exist

While most of the resorts will have the same mug options available, for the 50th anniversary there is a unique mug at the Polynesian Resort and Grand Floridian that has specific references to those resorts and Bay Lake. (The standard 50th mug is shown on the left in the image above, while the “Bay Lake” edition is shown on the right.)

There are usually special holiday mugs available for Halloween and Christmas, so keep your eyes out if you’re travelling during those seasons!

For more information about Disney’s Refillable Mug Program – and when my family does and does not use them – check out our dedicated guide to everything you need to know about Disney’s refillable mugs.

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