There have been many debates about the refillable mug offered at Disney World Resorts. We are going to break it down for you so you can decide for yourself if this mug will be beneficial on your next Disney World vacation. Take a peek at these facts about the refillable mug!#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyworldplanning #disneyrefillablemugs facts about the refillable

Facts About The Refillable Mug That You May Not Know!

A refillable mug is a 16 oz. insulated plastic mug with a handle. There are several different color options you get to pick from as well. The refillable mug is available for purchase for $19.99 or if you are on the dining plan, you receive one cup per person per stay. When you purchase the dining plan, you will get a cup that must be activated at the register upon arrival. When activating your refillable mug, Disney has created an RFID chip that is at the bottom that will allow you to refill your refillable mug for the length of your stay. However, these can be re-activated for your next trip if you wish but you will not receive a discount for using the old cup.

What does this mean? This means you get a refillable travel mug that you can refill at any Disney World resort during your stay. You can refill these with coffee, tea, hot chocolate and coke products. On another note, these refillable cups are not able to be filled within the parks themselves. The refillable cups are able to be brought in and purchased drinks can be used to fill the refillable cups.

Upgrading the Refillable Mug

Disney World has also given the option to upgrade your refillable mug to a stainless steel cup that has a certain design on them. The current design is a Star Wars design. My husband and I upgraded our cups on the last trip and we absolutely love them. Worth every penny we spent to upgrade. The upgraded refillable cups keep drinks cold for 12 hours and drinks warm for 6 hours. We have since bought two more of these cups when not on the dining plan for $29.99 each because of how much we love these refillable cups.


Since Disney World has implemented the new paper straws, we have been bringing refillable straws. If you have used a paper straw you know they get soggy quite fast. Bringing a refillable straw has helped when the kids want to use straws as well but we are still saving the environment. 

Cleaning the Refillable Mug 

After you are done using your refillable mug, there are mug washing stations at each resort. They are there for you to rinse out your mug. Now it will be ready for the next time. 

Covid Changes 

****Currently Disney World is not allowing anyone to refill refillable cups at the refillable stations themselves. A cast member will give you a disposable cup and you are able to fill your refillable cup if so desired. Disney World is also not offering the dining plan, so cups are available for purchase by themselves. Many of the Disney World Resorts are currently upgrading their fill stations to new touch-less fill stations. This will allow for guests to fill their refillable cups with no contact to the actual machine. 

Overall I think the refillable mugs are worth every penny I spend on them. Not only are they convenient while at the parks and at the resorts but they are an awesome souvenir that I get to use over and over. Once home, I fill my refillable mugs for the kids to take to school or a little pick me up when I am missing Disney a little extra. We hope these facts about the Refillable Mug help you in deciding if purchasing one is right for you!

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