Coral Reef Dining Experience At Disney World’s Epcot May Surprise You

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Dining at Disney World can be an overwhelming thing. There are tons of options in the parks and throughout the resorts. There are so many options between dinner shows, character meals and dining themes. My family recently visited Coral Reef At Epcot. We have never dined there but we had heard good things so we decided to give it a try.#WALTEXPRESS #DISNEYWORLD #EPCOTDINING Coral Reef At Epcot

Coral Reef At Epcot

I carefully reviewed the menu prior to making reservations because I as well as my kids aren’t big seafood eaters and I wanted to make sure there would be options for us. Looking at the menu, I wasn’t super excited, but I still wanted to give it a try. So I booked my advanced dining reservations and hoped for the best!

On our way to the restaurant I was a little worried, again with the non seafood options being sparse. However, when we walked in, I was in awe at how beautiful it was. We checked in and we were seated within a few minutes. We got a nice booth facing the huge aquarium that is inside the restaurant. It’s basically an entire wall of water, it was a nice view. Our server was amazing. She was funny, friendly and great with the kids. She explained what was included in the dining plan and what would be extra. They have add on options that are not available on the dining plan, such as the Snow Crab Legs and the Crab Oscar.

My husband ordered the Shrimp and Grits and finished his entire plate. My son and I opted for the steak. I don’t usually order steaks when we go out but I was starving after all the walking we did that day and I wasn’t really in the mood for chicken. My littlest ordered the chicken nuggets and corn for her meal. I also ordered the Magical Star Cocktail. Our drinks came quickly and our server spent a lot of time with our table, I don’t think we laughed so hard at a meal in a long time. Especially never at a restaurant! She was very entertaining, the kids loved it every time she visited our table.

Once the food came out I was pleasantly surprised, my steak was cooked perfectly. It was seasoned, it was a very good piece of steak. The steak was paired with mashed potatoes and bacon. It was easily one of the best meals I had the entire vacation. My husband agreed that his food was just as good. We were stuffed, the kids ate all of their food too which is rare for them! 

Desserts: Coral Reef At Epcot

Before our food even came out, our server asked what we would like for dessert and we placed the orders. So after our meal was finished we were served our dessert. We ordered the Key Lime Tart, the Angel Food Cake, the Bailey’s Almond and Jack Mousse. I tried them all! The key lime tart was just that, very tart. It was good but it was a bit more tart than I like.  The meringue on top was excellent and added sweetness to the tart lime. The strawberry shortcake was very good, it was not exactly what my son thought it was going to be and as a picky eater he wasn’t overly thrilled, but my husband and I thought it was fantastic. The Bailey’s mousse was also very good, something I would get again!

We did use the dining plan for our trip and we were a party of two adults and two kids. However, my son is 10 so Disney considers him an adult, meaning he orders off the adult menu. 

All around our visit was amazing. It was definitely one of our favorite dinners this trip and a return restaurant for us! If you are thinking about trying something different I would absolutely look into a visit to Coral Reef!

BONUS: The Seas with Nemo is right next door!#WALTEXPRESS #DISNEYWORLD #EPCOTDINING Coral Reef At Epcot

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