Visiting Disney World With Diabetes And/Or Celiac Disease IS Doable

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In my family of five, we have four diabetics and three with celiac disease. Traveling can be difficult at times but it is NOT impossible! Here are some tips for you or your family members who are visiting Disney World With Diabetes and/or celiac disease!#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyworldplanning Disney World With Diabetes

Disney World With Diabetes And/Or Celiac

Visiting Disney World can be stressful, but visiting Disney World with diabetes and/or celiac disease can add even more stress. We are going to help you to take some of that stress away. Visiting Disney World with diabetes and/or celiac IS totally doable. These tips help my family tremendously!


Make sure to have a full supply of your diabetic supplies. In the week before our trip, I always go through and make sure we have plenty of insulin, blood sugar test strips and lancets for our blood sugar test kits. If we need those (or extra Dexcom supplies), we order them. Both my husband and daughter wear a Dexcom CGM, so I make sure we have the charging cord, and the other things that go with it. I always pack a few boxes of needle tips because we use Insulin pens. If you are still using needles, you are going to want to bring extra needles with the script. Making sure to have the labels on the boxes is important, especially if you are flying. I also keep all of our supplies and medicine in my carry on bag when we fly. I don’t want anything getting lost or damaged if it’s in a checked bag.


Snacks! I always carry “low” snacks with us. We call these snacks “low snacks” because they are in case someone’s blood sugar starts to rapidly drop. We all know there can be long lines at the snack carts and waiting is often not an option. So we keep snacks with us just in case. I also keep things like glucose tablets on us at all times. Sometimes in the heat, it’s hard to eat and the glucose tablets work fast and aren’t too filling. This leaves plenty of room for the delicious Disney themed snacks we love so much!

Extra Bandages

I have also gotten into the habit of bringing extra sticky bandages for the Dexcom. We spend a lot of time in the pool, but when visiting Disney World,  we always make sure to get a lot of use out of our resort pool! Sometimes the tape around the Dexcom can come off if you are spending a lot of time in the pool. Also many of the resorts have slides and if you have a child wearing a Dexcom you know there is a chance it could get pulled off on the slide. So I always put the extra bandage we have around the Dexcom as an extra layer of adhesive.

Disney World With Diabetes And/Or Celiac DINING Options

Let’s talk about dining in Disney World. Disney World is full of all kinds of amazing foods and restaurants. Being a diabetic and/or celiac is not going to change that at all. Disney World is amazing at having so many different options for allergies and food requirements. When making your dining reservations, you can always add to the reservations that there is a diabetic/celiac in your party. While Disney World cannot provide you with the actual nutrition information, they do have options for everyone. Another wonderful thing about Disney World is that you can use your My Disney Experience app to look at menu options for almost every restaurant on Disney World property. I do this often before booking anywhere to be sure there are foods my family will eat, or safe choices my kids will be interested in.


Traveling as a family can be overwhelming and when you add medical issues to the mix it can get a lot more interesting (and stressful). Hopefully these tips can help take some of the stress our of your next Disney World trip! For more great tips, check out these 10 things to pack when traveling with kids!

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