Hurricanes & Disney World: What you Need to Know!

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Is a hurricane going to ruin my magical vacation? Find out what you need to know about Disney World and Hurricanes, right here in: Hurricanes & Disney World: What you Need to Know!

Hurricanes & Disney World: What you Need to Know!

You have planned for two years, saved money, and even packed. Now, instead of anxiously awaiting your big trip day, you are glued to the media outlets waiting on hurricane news! That is not cool at all, I know! Unfortunately, Disney World’s location means a few unpleasant weather problems. There is nothing we can do about that. BUT, we CAN be prepared and KNOW what to do!


I know you have read many articles and blogs about hurricanes at Disney World with lots of tips and tricks. Some have great information, others not so much. With hurricane season here, I have been asked numerous of times: “What if there is a hurricane when we are planning to visit Disney World or take our Disney Cruise this summer?”Hurricanes & Disney World: What you Need to Know!

Well, if you live in the deep south, hurricanes are always on our minds with the approach of Summer and Fall. We are way too familiar with hurricane preparations and we pray every year for our homes and families. So with that being said, of course it will be on your mind for your magical vacation too! Who wants their precious vacation ruined by one of those blasted hurricanes that they name after your late grandma or aunt and uncle?

Like we said before, we know quite a bit about hurricane preparations and what to do leading up to and even during a hurricane. We have also been one of the unlucky few who have had a Disney vacation planned when a hurricane hit Florida. Here are a few tips we have picked up over the years:

Hurricane Warnings

If there is a hurricane warning issued for Disney World and/or surrounding areas within 7 days of your vacation, you will be able to call and rearrange your plans without penalty. Please remember the State of Florida or any Gulf or Atlantic Coast states do not take these warnings lightly, so please listen. They often do evacuations. When they do so, some states will open up both sides of the interstate and allow cars to only move in a northward direction on both sides. If you are driving to Walt Disney World and Florida issues an evacuation, you need to be aware that this could happen.

Disney’s Policy

As mentioned before, Disney has a plan for hurricanes. If a hurricane warning is issued, Disney does allow for cancellations without penalty. However, those need to be called in by you or your travel agent. This is done on a case by case basis and you need to speak with a cast member to ensure notations are made for why you are cancelling. Find out exactly what Disney World has to say about hurricanes and what you NEED to do! DISNEY WORLD’S HURRICANE POLICY

Trip Insurance

Your best bet would be to get the trip insurance added to your vacation if you are traveling in the more active months. Also, watch the weather closely the week before you leave. Hurricanes are tracked for long periods and predictions are made to give everyone warning well in advance of possible landfall.  You will have plenty of time to decide what you need to do before your plane leaves or your vehicle leaves the driveway.

The most important thing to remember is to be smart and stay safe!  Remember, the above policies for Disney World, not airlines, off site hotels, rental cars, etc. That’s’ where (some) of your trip insurance comes in handy.

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew is not playing very nice right now. Find out up to the minute information at the National Hurricane Center.

Everyone at Walt Express is sending lots of prayers and well wishes to everyone in this storm’s path.

Have you been in Disney World during a hurricane? Did it change your plans? Did you cancel your vacation? Let us know!

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