8 Tips For Rainy Days In Disney World


Rainy days in Disney can be challenging but….. you can come prepared. We have learned the hard way. So my trials have been played out so that you can learn from them.  Those of you who are not familiar with Florida weather, listen up! It can be beautiful one minute, but in another, it can look like doomsday.

I come from the deep South, so we are accustomed to this weather. But for people who are not familiar with it, it can seem downright scary. You can guarantee in the Summer months that there will usually be a rainstorm right around 3:00 pm every afternoon. And I mean every afternoon! It will usually go away as fast as it came, but you need to be prepared!

8 Tips For Rainy Days In Disney World

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Things To Buy Before You Go To Disney World

  • First things first, go to the dollar store and stock up on those $1 rain ponchos. They are so cheap you can throw them away and not worry about them the rest of the day of your trip. I say this because they do not dry out easily, you are forewarned. Again, learn from my mistakes. Throw that sucker away and pull out a new one.
  • Buy a lot of these $1 ponchos! They will not take up a lot of room in your luggage. You may need another one for the second day of your vacation, so don’t forget to pack multiples for each family member. I usually pick up at least two every time I shop at The Dollar Tree, even if we aren’t planning a Disney World trip soon. (Who am I kidding?! We are always planning a Disney World trip!)
  • I also recommend purchasing a few really good quality, thick ponchos or rain jackets for those days that it doesn’t quit raining fast or for when it rains all day. Our family isn’t afraid to brave Disney in the rain as long as we are armed with ponchos and rain boots. If you don’t have rain boots or shoes that dry quickly, buy some of those too.
  • Another good thing to purchase would be a stroller cover. Nothing is worse than a wet stroller or a fussy kid screaming because the rain is slapping them in the face as you hurry across the parking lot to get to your car or bus.  Again, learn from my mistakes. This really did happen. Actually, one twin was laughing, because he thought it was hilarious and the other screamed. He was not a happy camper at all. If you rent a stroller, most companies will offer this as a complimentary add-on. Definitely, request a cover if it’s an option.
  • Also invest in a waterproof bag for your diapers, dry clothes. etc. No matter how much you cover the stroller, something is bound to still get wet. So secure those belongings in a waterproof Ziploc or camping bag.

8 Tips for Rainy Days in Disney World

What To Expect on Those Rainy Days in Disney World Parks

  • Expect ride closures or delays. For instance, the Ferry boat to the Magic Kingdom parking lot will not run sometimes if lightning strikes nearby. Also, that goes for the monorail too! Safety comes first! Plus, I don’t know about you, I would rather not be on those at all during a lightning storm of any kind!
  • Also, I don’t normally use my blog as a “sounding board” but….. come on people if it’s raining, chill out! You will get wet! I repeat you WILL get wet in some shape or fashion! On our trip to Disney World in May 2014, my two-year-olds were playing in puddles having a grand time while we were waiting for our fast pass time to approach. We were standing under a very thin piece of shelter with a couple of other people, but my boys could not get enough of the puddles. If they were happy, we were happy. They were having a great time, wet and all! Obviously, one of my boys got a little too close to the man under the shelter and got him wet on his leg and the man made a huge fuss over it! With or without my children’s help he still got wet! It was bound to happen!

More Items To Bring From Home to Prepare for Those Rainy Days in Disney

  • With that being said, we always take a portable fan with us so we can dry everything out that got wet that day. It’s nice to have strollers and “stuff” that are completely dry the next day. If you are flying this isn’t an option, but you can always use the blow dryer!
  • We always take two pairs of shoes for everyone, just in case the first pair won’t dry out overnight. Crocs are always good for kids when it’s raining in Disney.

The highlight of one of our trips to Disney World for our daughter was walking in the rain around Epcot. She was so excited. It’s the little things, right?! My boys, like I said above had a grand time splashing in puddles but also enjoyed walking around getting soaked in the rain. My husband and I actually took a lesson from our kids and started to be as carefree as they were and we had a lot more fun due to it! We all played in the rain and have more memories because of it!

Walt Disney World can be fun in the rain for sure. If you can grin-n-bear it, you will reap the benefits. Usually, everyone runs for shelter when it rains, so the rides are a little more vacant. No need for a fast pass when you have a rainstorm! Be safe out there and have fun!

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If you have any more ideas or if I left something out, feel free to leave a comment! Also, check out our blogs on the best rides and attractions for rainy days at each park.

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8 Tips For Rainy Days In Disney World



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