Video: T-Rex: Dining with Dinosaurs-A Disney Dining Review

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Are your children obsessed with dinosaurs? If so, let us fill you in on the perfect spot for your next meal in this Video: T-Rex: Dining with Dinosaurs-A Disney Dining Review.


Dining with Dinosaurs

T-Rex is my son’s top pick when we are planning a Disney vacation. I don’t know if the reason is the interactive theme, fun gift shop, or the lure of the chocolate extinction dessert. Regardless, eating at this restaurant is one of the few requests he makes each trip, so T-Rex it is. I mean, isn’t that was Disney is all about, making wishes come true?

T-Rex is located in Disney Springs near The Lego Store and the newest retail shops. We typically choose to go on arrival day because it gives us time to explore the rest of Disney Springs. We prefer to do a late lunch, because the crowds get really crazy if you wait until a typical dinner time. T-Rex is open for expeditions for lunch and dinner. However, don’t go looking for a Pterodactyl omelette, because T-Rex has yet to master the art of breakfast.

Dinos, Dinos, Everywhere

Video: T-Rex: Dining with Dinosaurs-A Disney Dining ReviewT-Rex is all about bringing what was once extinct back to life, but not in the way the scary Jurassic Park series did. Although Disney doesn’t own T-Rex, this restaurant uses animatronics to make their decor come to life. T-Rex is full of some of the coolest dinosaurs in all shapes and sizes that actually move and “talk”. There are four themed areas throughout the restaurant. You can ask for the undersea area which includes the bar area and a stunning salt water tank. Watch out for the gigantic octopus that moves above, but check out the beautiful fish tanks nearby too. There is also a forest area, a meteor shower area, and the ice cave area. My children love the ice cave area because it is constantly changing colors, however my food always looks a bit off because of the lighting.

This restaurant is VERY loud and it can be very overwhelming, but my boys love it now that they are a bit older and overstimulation is not as big an issue. My husband and I actually love to walk around the restaurant and read the plaques about the different dinosaurs with our boys. My children love the Triceratops, but T-Rex totally freaks my youngest child out and has since he was a baby. Walking around or visiting the gift shop is always a great way to pass the time with rambunctious children while the grub is prepared.

Speaking of Grub…

Video: T-Rex: Dining with Dinosaurs-A Disney Dining ReviewOk, peeps. It’s time to get real and talk about the eats. I mean, that is why you read a dining review, right? Ok, so let’s be real. T-Rex is not fine dining. It’s themed dining, but themed dining doesn’t just mean cool surroundings. At T-Rex, it also means that you are going to get a lot of food and if you choose wisely, it’s likely to be pretty tasty. T-Rex is part of the Landry’s group and this means that the menu isn’t very unique. While the flavors are mild, the dishes do all have cutesy dino-inspired names like Mega-Mes-O-Bones (ribs) and Neanderthal New York Strip. At one time they offered an amazingly tasty Cretaceous Chicken Fried Steak with white gravy. That bad boy was so big that it literally hung off the edge of the plate and it was so tender, juicy, and perfectly spiced. But sadly, some moron decided to take it off the menu. Bring it back, Landry’s!!!! Sorry, I’m still a bit peeved they took off our go-to meal at this place. If you would like to take a gander at the menu, you can find it HERE.

Little Bites

Video: T-Rex: Dining with Dinosaurs-A Disney Dining ReviewI’m guessing that if you are reading this review you either have children or you are a kid at heart. One of the reasons our kids love this restaurant is because of the great children’s menu. The children’s menu has more choices than most of the other Disney restaurants. That’s because almost all of the selections are things that my super picky eaters love. They have Prehistoric Popcorn Shrimp, Jurassic Chicken Tidbits (in dino shape!), Paleo Pizza, and so much more. And whatever you do, do not forget the adorable souvenir cups that are filled with your child’s favorite ICEE flavor. It even comes with a small dinosaur toy in the bottom. We use them a lot at home and store a snack in the bottom. Of course there is also a dessert section, but skip the kiddie choices for dessert and go for something so much better on the adult menu.

Go Out With a Bang

No matter what, you can not skip dessert if you are a chocolate lover. There are several dessert options, but the only one you even need to worry about is called Chocolate Extinction. Y’all, this is a thing of beauty! It’s dense chocolate fudge cake, served with four scoops of vanilla ice cream and whipped topping. The best part is the sauce and the candy crumbles on top. I’m not sure if it’s crumbled up Butterfinger or Heath bars, but who cares? All I know is I want another one right now, so let’s go to Disney Springs and get one! Who wants to come along? The menu says it feeds four, but we have shared it with ten people and still had some leftovers.

Video: T-Rex: Dining with Dinosaurs-A Disney Dining Review

Video: T-Rex: Dining with Dinosaurs-A Disney Dining ReviewOverall, my family thinks this restaurant is a fun break from character meals. While the food is average, the theme and overall feel of the restaurant makes it a great addition to our list of must have reservations. On the Disney Dining Plan, it’s a great value. This is especially true if you order the steak and the chocolate extinction. If you aren’t on the dining plan, I recommend using a Landry’s card birthday credit to help curb the cost. You can also split meals here because the portions are huge. If your family doesn’t mind loud noises and you like themed dining, don’t miss T-Rex. It’s pretty hard to beat dining with dinosaurs.

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