Have you ever wanted to take a tour around the world? Let me tell you how to explore all of the World Showcase at Epcot in Exploring World Showcase with the Epcot Passport.

World Showcase is one of two parks located inside of Epcot – Future World and World Showcase. Exploring World Showcase with the Epcot Passport is what we are going to do today. The iconic golf ball better known as the Spaceship Earth geosphere sits right at the entrance to the park. Future World sits directly behind it. World Showcase is the second half of the park and that’s where we’re headed today.

Epcot is the second park built at Walt Disney World. The original name was E.P.C.O.T. which stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. While the Magic Kingdom caters to the storybook fairytales we all know and love, Epcot caters to international exploration and technological advancements. Today, it’s all about travel. So, grab your passport everybody, and keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times!

Setting up the Passport

As you enter World Showcase, there will be a store located right in front of the lagoon. Step inside and browse but be sure to grab your passport. They sell for $10. Take a minute to open the packaging and get acquainted with your new souvenir. There will be sheets of stickers along with the passport. When you flip through the book, you’ll notice that there are places for the stickers to go and room for writing notes. On my first trip, I chose to wait until my trip was over before placing the stickers in the book.Exploring World Showcase with the Epcot Passport

During my second trip, I placed the stickers in the book first as I waited for my group to shop around and buy some gifts and snacks. Either way is fine. Keep in mind that as you visit each country, there is someone available to sign your book for you. So make sure to leave some writing space. Now it’s time to explore!

Exploring World Showcase

Since World Showcase is situated around the lagoon, you can choose to go left and start in Mexico, or right and start in Canada. For some reason, I always start in Canada. Each country has shops, restaurants, and activities for everyone to enjoy. I mentioned earlier that in each country you can get the passport stamped and signed. All you have to do is look for the Kidcot table – an activity table set up as a coloring station for the little ones (and sometimes, the big ones too!). A representative from that country will be there to stamp your book, sign your passport in the Native language and possibly even speak to you in their native tongue.

A Twist on the TraditionalExploring World Showcase with the Epcot Passport

In the spring, Epcot hosts the International Flower and Garden Festival. I was lucky enough to visit this past May and got to explore Epcot with the special Festival passport. While the original passport is all about finding the country’s representative, the Festival passport is about exploring springtime treats from each country. So, plan to check back next month as I take you along and discuss the differences in the passports and share some of my experiences.

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