A Few of My Favorite Run Items: runDisney Edition

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Here is a list of a few of my favorite run items that have helped training for or while running a runDisney race!  These items are great gift ideas for that runDisney fan in your family.  In the end maybe you’ll be ready to lace up your running shoes and hit the road.

Hand Held Water Bottle

So one of my biggest issues I had starting is that I wouldn’t stay hydrated enough while training.  The end result was poor results.  Plus my body didn’t know how to handle the water I would try to consume while running.  Having a hand held water bottle while you train is a great way to insure that you have water on you at all times.  I live in the south and yes I carry it with me even on short runs…you just never know. I also like it cause I can carry any nutrition in the holder and my car key. Most courses have water stops so carrying it during the race is a personal choice.  You just need to make sure you stay hydrated at each station (HINT: taking a few sips every station versus gulps or a whole cup will keep the sloshing noise down). My current choice of hand held water bottle is the Ultimate Direction Clutch.  This is a collapsible bottle so it is easy to grab and the Jenny Collection comes with a rescue Hair Band in the storage area!  Hit up your local running store for different options too.

Reflective Gear

10660250_10205265096891046_7293318917768405105_nI’m a firm believer in staying safe while running.  During the winter here in the south if you run before work or after work, well it’s dark.  It’s not just bright colored running clothing. The best way to make sure that cars can see you is wearing reflective gear and lights.  If the car can’t see you they can’t avoid you.  I never run in the dark without my NoxGear Tracer360. They even make one for your four legged running partner.  Nathan’s and Amphipod make great alternatives.

Waterproof Phone Case

Running with your phone is so common these days to track your mileage or for safety reasons. There are a plethora of waterproof phone cases available on the market to keep your phone safe.  Or maybe you are lucky enough to own the new water resistant iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7.  Either way when you carry your phone with you, you will need it protected. Plus when you are out running a runDisney race you can take some killer selfies with those characters on the course and of course locate your loved ones afterwards!!!

A Running Belt

There are only pockets on your shorts or tights to hold all that one wants on a run. What better solve than a running belt.  This like anything else is what you like.  My favorite belt is the Flip Belt.  It doesn’t bounce and easily holds my phone, chapstick, my key, nutrition during the run.  Did I mention it doesn’t bounce? Sometimes it takes a couple of tries on different belts to find one you like, but once you do its hard to go back.  I don’t wear mine all the time, but I always wear them during a runDisney run so I can have all my goodies at hand.  It’s much easier to run hands free during races.

A Sparkle Skirt

a-few-of-my-favorite-rundisney-edition-run-itemsWhat better way to stand out in the crowd or dress up for the part than with a sparkle skirt.  Sparkle Athletic is where I have gotten my skirts from in the past.  If you go to their blog they have all sorts of Disney specific costume ideas for runDisney races. They also have other accessories that match. There are a couple other companies out there that do similar skirts all it takes is a Google search. You never know someone in your home town may could make one for you.  Nothing gets a smile or a complement like a sparkle skirt.

A GPS Tracker

From a Garmin, to a fitbit, to an Apple watch, there are so many options to choose from. But if you want to make any runner happy, give the gift of a GPS watch and watch them light up.  Who doesn’t like to track their mileage or see how fast they are getting. Garmin is tried and true, but there are loyalists out there for many companies.  If you want to compare different brands take a look at DC Rainmaker’s Blog.  It is a very detailed breakdown of the options out there.  Oh, and if your significant other already has one…UPGRADE!

Good Socks

Running socks are not just normal socks.  They are particular to the event as well as the runner.  If you don’t know where to start ask your local running store.  I LOVE my Swiftwick socks. My sister likes Balega.  My best friend likes Bomba socks. A good sock isn’t cheap.  But if you love your feet they will love you back.  Keep in mind after you run that half marathon or marathon in Disney World put on a pair of compression socks to keep the swelling down. And don’t worry if you think you look funny, you won’t be alone walking around WDW.

For Fun: New Balance runDisney edition

24146397864_fd7bb4885f_bFor the past couple of years runDisney has partnered with New Balance to bring you Disney inspired kicks.  Each year they come up with some new ones for you to purchase.  The only catch is that they are exclusive for runDisney events for purchase.  So even if you are in Orlando or Anaheim for fun while a runDisney expo is going on you can go online and make an appointment to try on the shoes available.  I haven’t tried to do this yet as my foot and New Balance aren’t the best of friends, but as their designs change I have the urge to purchase some for just kicking around Disney World.  Take a look at the 2016 kicks here.

So what are your “go to” items when you runDisney?


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