Did You Know? Disney World Offers Easy Ways To Recharge Your Phone

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Do you have issues making your battery last through a blissful day at Disney? Well fret no more, because we have tons of solutions to solve your problem in Did You Know? Disney World Offers Easy Ways To Recharge Your Phone.

How to Recharge at Disney World

Ahhhh, Disney World, the place where dreams come true. We flock to our happy place in masses and document our trips for the world to see. We take pictures and videos galore. Then we share them on social media and text them to our friends. We use the awesome My Disney Experience app and numerous other apps to enhance our vacation. We send texts to our families to meet back up when we separate. Sometimes we even use GPS when we are truly lost on our way to a dinner reservation.

Did You Know? Disney World Offers Easy Ways To Recharge Your Phone

All of these activities help us while on vacation, but they will also zap our batteries before we can say Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse! Well fret no more because there are tons of ways to recharge that phone while you are at Disney World. We will give you the tips so you can keep sharing the magic in Did You Know? Disney World Offers Easy Ways To Recharge Your Phone?

Did You Know? Disney World Offers Easy Ways To Recharge Your Phone

Charging Stations

There are charging stations at every park. However, Disney loves their theming, so don’t expect a whole bunch of exposed outlets that are glaringly obvious. You need to know where to look and Walt Express has you covered. Just remember, if something else is already plugged in to these outlets, DO NOT, under any circumstances, remove it. Let’s not pull the plug on Disney fun, OK?!

Magic Kingdom

  • Near the Tangled restrooms in Fantasyland. The outlets are in the sitting area.
  • Inside Space Mountain gift shop
  • The Storybook Circus area. There is an adjacent tent beside the meet and greet area with outlets.
  • The regular queue for Peter Pan has several outlets along the walls, but the line tends to move quickly so don’t expect much of a charge to happen there.
  • Columbia Harbor House has plenty of outlets in the building and it’s a great quick service option. Find our top quick service choices HERE.
  • There are a few outlets scattered throughout a small covered walkway near the Sunglass Hut in Adventureland.


  • Inside Innoventions
  • The Seas has outlets near the ladies restroom.
  • Many countries in World Showcase have outlets.
  • La Cantina de San Angel has some near a post in the outside seating area.
  • Norway and Morocco have covered outlets scattered around their pavilions.

Hollywood Studios

  • ABC Commissary has outlets in the outdoors seating area.
  • Star Wars Launch Bay has a few outlets. Look for benches and there is usually an outlet nearby.
  • PizzeRizzo also has outlets in their seating are.

Animal Kingdom

  • Pizzafari
  • Outside Finding Nemo is a bench with an outlet available.
  • Disney outfitters has outlets located on the outside wall.

FuelRod Portable Chargers

Disney introduced FuelRod kiosks to Disney World parks a little over a year ago.  FuelRods are portable chargers that you can purchase at kiosks. That may not sound too fancy and you might be thinking, why don’t I just use my own portable charger. That’s a great plan, but what do you do when your portable charger battery is zapped?

Did You Know? Disney World Offers Easy Ways To Recharge Your Phone

There is the beauty in the FuelRod. When it loses it’s charge from boosting your phone, you can trade it out at any kiosk/vending machine on Disney property for a new, fully charged FuelRod. The charger can also be recharged with the included cable and plugged into an outlet. The cost is $30. It comes with a portable charger fully charges, a 6″ USB to micro-USB cable (compatible with most Android devices), an Apple lightning to USB cable, and the older Apple 30 pin to USB cable.

Did You Know? Disney World Offers Easy Ways To Recharge Your Phone

The FuelRod has been met with some skepticism, however our team has found this particular option to be VERY helpful. The only true downsides are the price and the fact that it won’t fully charge your battery to 100%. But with unlimited swaps, we find it works out well for us. Do you want to easily find the FuelRod kiosks at Walt Disney World? Check out the My Disney Experience app or find the interactive widget on the bottom of the official Walt Disney World page about recharging HERE.

Other Top Rated Portable Chargers

Anker brand double charger for $25-$30. I recommend the Anker Power Core 1300 because it charges up to 2 phones twice/day for a total of 4 full charges.

For a cheaper option, I have also had great success with Halo Pocket Power Starlight 3000mAh Power Bank with Flash Light. It is very lightweight and is the size of a tube of lipstick. Plus it has the added bonus of having a flashlight.

Did You Know? Disney World Offers Easy Ways To Recharge Your Phone

Quick Tips for Keeping Your Phone Charged

  • Take a screenshot of your My Disney Experience itinerary for the day and make that your lock screen. That way you don’t have to open the app or your phone, which does suck the life out of your battery.
  • Turn location services off. The constant pinging this requires is an instant drain on your battery.
  • Try to limit the maps app for the same reason. It is always recalculating your location, which will kill a battery FAST!
  • Close all the apps you are not currently using.
  • Stay off social media whenever possible. Those apps are one of the biggest strains on your battery. Wait to share most of your memories at the end of the day all at once.
  • Have a back up plan if your phone does die. Portable chargers and charing stations are your friend!

Did You Know? Disney World Offers Easy Ways To Recharge Your Phone

Disney thinks of everything, even when it’s something as simple as keeping your battery charged. These tips will keep you going and going on your magical vacation. Do you have tips for keeping your phone charged that we didn’t mention?

Do you have a favorite charging location that isn’t listed? If so, we would love for you to leave a comment below, or you can join the Disney Express Lane Facebook Group to share your ideas and also discuss many other Disney related topics.

Did You Know? Disney World Offers Easy Ways To Recharge Your Phone

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