Goofy’s Candy Company At Disney Springs Is A True Classic

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One of my all-time favorite spots on all of Disney World property is a candy store, but, it’s not just any candy store, it’s Goofy’s Candy Company!! Goofy’s Candy Company At Disney Springs Is A True Classic and here’s why we love it!

Goofy’s Candy Company At Disney Springs

At Goofy’s Candy Company, you can find sweets and treats for every member of your family. Goofy’s is a bright, candy-filled shop that can be found in Disney World’s Disney Springs and is always a must-do for our family when we’re at Walt Disney World. 

Goofy’s Candy Company isn’t a huge shop, but it is absolutely packed with the best and most delicious sweets around. Whether you are looking for colorful and unique caramel apples, giant Mickey-shaped rice cereal treats, or unique Disney-themed candies, cookies, or popcorn, Goofy’s has them all! One of the best things to remember: if you’re using a dining plan during your visit, almost all of the sweets at Goofy’s Candy Company can be purchased using snack credits from your dining plan!

My kiddos love jellybeans, and Goofy’s has all of the flavors that you could wish for if you’re a jellybean lover! You can mix and match specific flavors inside of the shop, or you can find pre-made bags of jellybeans all over the Disney Parks during your visit. The same goes for the Goofy Candy Company gummies, which my son is obsessed with. You can find them at Goofy’s or almost any of the candy or resort shops all over Disney World.

Flavored cotton candies, pretzels, trail mixes, nuts, specialty suckers, and more round out the pre-packaged Goofy’s Candy Co. items. All of these make amazing gifts to bring home to family and friends. If I ever travel during the school year, I try to bring home several bags of the Goofy’s Candy Company taffy to share a little bit of Disney with my high school students.

The specialty popcorn available at Goofy’s Candy Company is something that we always stock up on before we head home from Disney World. Offered in multiple flavors and sizes, the popcorn ranges from our favorite kettle and caramel corn to more colorful and unique flavors as well.

One of my favorite additions at Goofy’s is the inclusion of Disney teas and coffees! A wide range of coffee and tea blends is available and packed up nicely so that you can take them home with you. There are nifty flavored spoons in chocolate and honey that add a sweet touch to your morning beverage and they also have lots of neat gift sets that you can take with you to share with friends and family.

If you have any children of fandom in your life, you are in luck too. Be on the lookout for new movie merchandise (snack merchandise, that is). When we were last at Disney World, they were celebrating the anniversary of The Lion King so there were Lion King treats everywhere. There are even Minnie Mouse special treats for every fan! The Minnie Mouse collection of snacks is bright and bold in Minnie colors and includes some favorites like nut brittle, chocolate covered nuts, chocolate chip cookies, and Minnie Mouse cookies.

We brought home a nice selection of Star Wars rice cereal treats that included Darth Vader, BB8, and Porgs from the Last Jedi. Also, there is a huge selection of Walt Disney World Walker’s Shortbread Rounds, my absolute favorite cookie!

Goofy’s Candy Co. is a top stop for us when we are Walt Disney World, you should make sure that you and your family make sure and give it a try on your next Disney World adventure too!

What is your favorite treat from Goofy’s Candy Company? Drop by our Facebook Group, DISNEY EXPRESS LANE, and let us know!


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