5 Insider Tips And Tricks For Your Next Disney World Vacation


If you are a first-time Disney World traveler or it’s been a long time since you’ve visited, there are just some things that only ‘insiders’ can tell you! So sit back and stay with me as I provide you with some of my top Insider Tips For Disney World!#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyworldplanning insider tips for disney world

Insider Tips For Disney World

These insider tips will have you feeling and maneuvering the parks like a Disney PRO in no time at all!

1. Take your Time and Be Flexible

Being at Disney World for the first time is so exciting! There is so much to see and do, and you just have to know that you will not be able to see and do it all. That sounds really negative, but hear me out: don’t try to see and do it all! If you plan your trip in such a way that that you have every single minute logged to be a certain place, you will miss some of the best experiences! (And you will be absolutely exhausted to boot.)

Some of the very best experiences that we have had at Disney happened in down-time moments and had no particular place to be or were headed somewhere, but weren’t in a hurry. My kids got to experience the Bollywood Beats at Animal Kingdom and Tegan even got to go up and dance with them! All because we were hanging out trying to decide where to go next that day. Later on that day we got to hang out with Kevin, the bird from Up! while we were headed to grab some snacks. At Epcot, we finally got to meet Donald in Mexico and came across the Baymax meet and greet while we were heading to see The Seas. If we hadn’t left ourselves time, we wouldn’t have been able to have those awesome experiences!

2. Explore And Try New Things

Disney World is constantly changing, growing, and evolving. One of the first things we do when planning a trip is to make time to go do things we have never done before! There are always our ‘must-do’ favorites, but honestly, there are still so many things we have yet to do and try so our ‘to try’ list is much longer! There are always rides, restaurants, experiences, and attractions that we haven’t tried yet. We always do our best to visit multiple new things each visit, and it’s awesome to know that our vacation will never be exactly the same twice!

And this doesn’t just go for in the parks: don’t forget that the Disney Resorts and Disney Springs are great places to relax and try new things as well. With dining options, entertainment and shopping, don’t forget to make time to go and check these places out for new experiences!

3. It’s OK To Ask

This is a biggie. For some reason, it’s just hard to ask for help or to ask questions, no matter where you are. But at Disney World, this should never hold you back! Disney World Cast Members are the absolute BEST! They go above and beyond more often than not, and if they don’t know the answer, they’ll find it! I never hesitate to ask a CM a question because they have yet to steer me wrong, and they answer my questions without hesitation or judgement. There’s no reason to wander around hoping for an answer to your question to pop up or to follow the crowd until you stumble across it: ask those CM’s for help and save yourself time and stress!

4. Characters Aren’t Just for Kids!

Alright adults…listen up! Character Meet and Greets are not just for kids! Disney World is a magical place where adults can feel like kids again and that is supposed to bring families together; Walt Disney intended for it to be that way. So, that means if you want to go hang out with Aladdin and Jasmine or meet Mickey Mouse as an adult that no one is going to judge you! In fact, I encourage it!! All of the characters we have ever interacted with are awesome with both kids and adults. Seriously, the looks on your uncle’s face when a princess takes his arm and calls him a brave night is priceless!#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyworldplanning insider tips for disney world

5. Use the App and Magic Bands!

And finally, don’t be afraid to embrace technology. Using the My Disney Experience app and your Magic Bands will make your vacation a total breeze. The app lets you check out your PhotoPass photos, add or change FastPass+ reservations, order food through Mobile Order, provide you with a map and directions, and do so many other cool things (check-ins for Rise of the Resistance boarding groups, anyone?) If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the app, you are seriously missing out. Imagine, no more waiting in line to order food! A map to help you get from Discovery Island to Pandora without getting lost!#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyworldplanning insider tips for disney world

As far as the Magic Band goes, it’s your ticket to the parks, your FastPass+ reservation ticket, your room key, and a way to pay for purchases. By using your Magic Band you’re also eliminating extra bulk to carry around in the parks! By combining your Magic Band and your My Disney Experience app, you can literally take just about any situation you come across while at the parks!

Do Disney Like An Insider!

So, in short, if you want to do Disney World like an ‘insider’ make sure and take advantage of some of these tips. Embrace the random, take advantage of technology, and take your inner-child by the hand and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime!

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