Understanding Rotational Dining With Disney Cruise Line

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Rotational dining is a unique and wonderful experience that everyone will love. Disney’s attention to detail and commitment to service extend to dining service aboard all ships. This will truly have every member of your family feeling like a prince or princess. Rotational Dining With Disney Cruise Line is definitely something magical!#waltexpress #disneycruiseline #rotationaldining dining with disney cruise line

Rotational Dining With Disney Cruise Line

My family is a HUGE fan of cruising, and we LOVE Disney Cruise Line! There are so many things that are unique to a voyage on the high seas with Disney Cruise Line. Today I wanted to take a look at one thing that you won’t find on any other cruise line: Rotational Dining!

How It Works

Each guest is assigned a rotation schedule, which you will find at the bottom of your Key to the World card when you check in. It will list the first letter of each dining location, and the order listed is your rotation. So for example, on my 7-night Disney Fantasy cruise last year, our rotation was AERAERA. Animator’s Palette, Enchanted Garden, Royal Court. If you are on a 3-night cruise, you will experience each location once. On a 4-night you will duplicate one. For a 7-night, you will experience each dining location twice, and one three times.

Upon your arrival to your dining location on your first night, you will be shown to your table and you will meet both your Server and Assistant Server.#waltexpress #disneycruiseline #rotationaldining dining with disney cruise line

Your Wait Staff

What makes Disney’s rotational dining so great is that not only will you get to experience a different dining location each night, but your wait staff goes with you! You will find that after the first night they know all your preferences! After our first dinner, my kids each had their preference of milk on the table waiting for them at their respective seats. My husband and I were asked if we would like our same drinks we had had with dinner the night before. It’s the little touches that really make you feel special!

The Dining Room Welcomes You!

Each ship in the Disney fleet contains Animator’s Palate, where animation comes to life. While you are dining, experience featured characters in animated shows, all while the restaurant comes to life around you. This is a signature experience during any Disney Cruise!#waltexpress #disneycruiseline #rotationaldining dining with disney cruise line

Your other two dining experiences on your rotation will be unique to the ship that you are aboard. While aboard the Disney Magic you will experience Carioca’s, an American/South American menu in tribute to the Three Caballeros. Also, Lumiere’s, which is themed after Beauty and the Beast and showcases a french inspired menu.  While aboard the Disney Wonder, you will experience two treats: Parrot Cay, with it’s Caribbean inspired flavors and Triton’s, a beautiful, formal restaurant that pays homage to The Little Mermaid.#waltexpress #disneycruiseline #rotationaldining dining with disney cruise line

Both the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream will allow you to escape to the gardens of Versailles in the Enchanted Garden. Flowered chandeliers bloom as you dine and the sun gently sets around you. You will enjoy cuisine from around the world. A more formal dining experience awaits when you are summoned to the Royal Court aboard the Disney Fantasy, and the Royal Palace aboard the Disney Dream. Here you will dine like royalty on french american inspired menus. There is no doubt that you will find something for every taste bud at all of the rotational dining experiences.

Tips For Dining With Disney Cruise Line

  • Your choices for dinner times aboard any of the Disney ships are: Main dinner at 5:45 p.m. and 8:15 for the later dinner.
  • On Pirate Night, every dining venue will feature the same Pirate Menu, so don’t forget your pirate gear, Matey’s!
  • Dining With Disney Cruise Line is mostly “cruise casual”. Check in your My Disney Cruise experience for a detailed look at special nights that may require dressier clothing and/or themed clothing.

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