Spring Farmhouse Mickey Mouse Disney Wreath-DIY

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I have been on the lookout for a cute Spring Farmhouse Mickey Mouse Disney Wreath and I could never find the perfect one. So, guess what? I made one myself and it was so, so easy! I had to have a bit of patience to find just the right materials that, of course, did not break the bank and would hold up for the whole Spring and Summer. But, I have added all of the materials you need, so you do not have to go searching for yourself. As I said all of these items are budget friendly and are great quality. The whole reason of DIYing is to find something unique and different and, of course, something that is not expensive. What’s the point if it is too expensive, right?#waltexpress #disneyworld diydisney Mickey Mouse Disney Wreath

Mickey Mouse Disney Wreath

I made mine a few months ago and it is still going strong and gets a lot of compliments when we have people over to our home. Without waiting any longer, here is what you do!

First gather up all of your materials. Amazon had everything we needed. It is super convenient and it will be delivered right to your door. You do not need to go anywhere! Especially during this time when we aren’t supposed to leave our homes but for essentials, this works out great. Also, it gives you something to do while you are inside your four walls. Grab a glass of wine, put on some Disney music, send the kids to their rooms and start crafting. If they want to help, well then tell them, this is only for adults and then run and hide. Quickly! Ha!

Material you will need:

Once you have all of your supplies, get ready to put it all together. This is so simple and easy, you will seriously wonder why you have not done this already.

  • Grab all three of the wreaths you ordered from Amazon. Place the biggest wreath on a clean surface.
  • Place the two smaller wreaths on the sides where Mickey’s ears would be.
  • Use as many of the zip ties you need to tie the three wreaths together.
  • Grab the red roses and snip the buds off of the stems with garden trimmers or sharp scissors.
  • Hot glue the buds into the wreath wherever you would like to put them. Decorate with as many of the roses you would like. Use as little or as many as you would like.

That is it! Told you! So simple and easy!

Hang your wreath inside or outside. I like keeping mine inside so we can enjoy it for longer since we have more humid weather during the Spring and Summer. But, it will work in either place.

We love decorating with Disney decor especially if it Farmhouse Disney Decor! Please share with all of us your creation after you make yours. We would love to see! Tag us on IG or Facebook with your pictures.

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