10 Ways To Deal With Crowds On Your Next Disney World Vacation

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How do we deal with the crowds at Disney World? Walt Express is asked this question just about every single day. Here are our 10 Ways To Deal With Crowds On Your Next Disney World Vacation.

If you plan your trip around the crowds, you honestly may never go. Sometimes that is just not avoidable OR predictable. Sometimes you plan according to ALL of those nifty little crowd calendars and BOOM! CROWDED!! You never know when or if Disney World will be crowded. Nowadays, it seems to ALWAYS be a little crowded.

Don’t worry, Walt Express will help you plan around those crowds!

10 Ways To Deal With Crowds On Your Next Disney World Vacation

  1. Fast Passes-Grab your first three fast passes as early as possible. Then, you can get more (one at a time) throughout the day, avoiding the lines AND crowds!
  2. Crowd Calendar-We do like to use a crowd calendar, but we are very picky! Dad’s Crowd Calendar is usually pretty accurate. Remember though, no one can really predict what the future will hold when it comes to crowds in Disney World.
  3. Don’t Dine at Normal Times-Normal dining times (8-9 am breakfast, 12 pm lunch, 5-6 pm dinner) are the absolute busiest. Choose a late breakfast or lunch or even an early dinner! For more information on dining and the Disney Dining Plans, just click the link!10 Ways To Deal With Crowds On Your Next Disney World Vacation
  4. Play During the Parades-I am not telling you to never watch a parade, because let’s face it, they are pure magic! If you have already seen the parade, use that time to hop on rides and attractions. A lot of people will move over to the parade areas. Be sure to grab a park map that will show the parade route and you can avoid that entire section!
  5. Get Help-A travel planner knows the ropes and can help you maneuver around the crowds.
  6. Extra Magic Hours-this one is hit or miss. Sometimes it’s best to AVOID the parks with extra hours. Everyone at the resorts will be taking advantage of them! Head to a park that is NOT offering Extra Magic Hours! Extra Magic Hours are only available to those staying at a Disney World Resort.
  7. Stay Tuned to Walt Express-This one is a biggie! We have our monthly blogs that keep you up to date on what will be going on during the month you will be traveling to Disney World. RunDisney events, sporting events and conferences can play a big part in determining the crowds.
  8. Dine EARLY-Make breakfast dining reservations extra early, even before the park opens. You won’t be able do any attractions until the park officially opens, but you will get to see the park almost empty! It’s a pretty amazing experience!10 Ways To Deal With Crowds On Your Next Disney World Vacation
  9. Stay AWAY from holidays-Anytime there is an “extra” day off, it makes for a perfect time to head to the magic. Everyone else has that SAME idea! Yes, I know, I know…sometimes this is the ONLY time you can go. Be prepared, have a plan and you will be fine.
  10. Embrace the rain-WHAT? Yep, pack those ponchos and you will be just fine. Normally, rain showers only last a little while and the crowds seem to race to the bus stops. Wait it out, shop or just take a little break. You will be glad you stayed! We have tons of great tips on enjoying the parks in the rain!

Walt Express Tip

Again, no one really knows when the parks will be crowded or when they won’t. We hope this little guide helps you deal with those crowds and makes your trip a little more magical!

10 Ways To Deal With Crowds On Your Next Disney World Vacation

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