5 Differences Between Disneyland And Disney World You Need To Know

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Disney World and Disneyland are two totally different magical destinations. While there are many more “differences” between the two, we have the top 5 Disney World and Disneyland Differences that you definitly need to know!#WALTEXPRESS #DISNEYLAND #DISNEYWORLD Disney World and Disneyland Differences

Disney World and Disneyland Differences

Both Disney World and Disneyland are magical vacation destinations and you can’t go wrong with either one! They do offer tons of magic and fun, but there are MAJOR differences between the two. Read on and find out!

Fast Passes

One of the major differences between Disneyland and Disney World is the fast pass system. With Disney World you are able to pre-plan your day by choosing which park you are attending and obtaining your fast passes 30-60 days in advance. At Disneyland you must wait until you are in attendance at the park to start creating your fast pass selections.

Another major difference is with Disney World you can get up to three fast passes at one time (made in advance either 60 or 30 days before your vacation). Disneyland allows one fast pass at a time unless your selection is later in the day at which time you must wait an allotted time before selecting your next pass.#WALTEXPRESS #DISNEYLAND #DISNEYWORLD Disney World and Disneyland Differences

Food And Dining

OK, let’s talk about snacks for a moment. Disney World has some amazing snacks but I have yet to find a better churro in all the land. Those things I swear have something in them that I can not pass up nor forget about. There are great advantages to Disney World dining though. Disney World is known for their amazing restaurants and who can pass up walking around Epcot to eat around the world? Disneyland does have a few restaurants that you can dine at throughout your vacation but the options are much more limited. One example to this is the character dining. Disneyland offers four different Character Dining experiences while Disney World has well over 25 different options for this experience.#WALTEXPRESS #DISNEYLAND #DISNEYWORLD Disney World and Disneyland Differences

Dining Plan

At Disney World they have a wonderful option you may opt in to; you may pre-purchase a dining plan that is based on credits used for each restaurant. For families that want to have everything set up in advance with no work or surprise costs while on vacation, the Disney Dining Plans are a great option.

Meanwhile, at Disneyland there is no option for a dining plan. You must purchase your food inside the park, near by, or bring in your own food.#WALTEXPRESS #DISNEYLAND #DISNEYWORLD Disney World and Disneyland Differences

Proximity of Park Locations

As you may know the Disney World property is a very large space (almost 40 square miles) and you need time to get from park to park. There are several options for transportation in Disney World in order to get from location to location.

In Disneyland the two parks are very close together. In fact you can get from one park to the other in about 5 minutes or less walking. The transportation in Disneyland is much more simple and you are able to get where you want to go with little knowledge of the transportation system.

Hotels And Resorts

Hotels on the Disneyland property are very close together and there are only three total Disneyland hotels. Each of the hotels are situated near or at Downtown Disney. One great advantage to Disneyland properties is Disney’s Grand Californian has a direct entrance into California Adventures. Yes, you read that correctly; there is a separate entrance for hotel guests to use that goes directly into the Disney California Adventure park.

On the other hand, you have Disney World where you have more options of staying on site and being able to cater to what your families needs are based on what is important to you. Staying at each Disney World resort brings a different experience and atmosphere for your family to experience.#WALTEXPRESS #DISNEYLAND #DISNEYWORLD Disney World and Disneyland Differences

Disney World and Disneyland Differences Offer Different Experiences

Whatever your choice is just remember each Disney park is a different experience and cannot be compared to the other. When visiting each take in all that the park has to offer and enjoy your vacation. For more differences on these two magical destinations, visit HERE!

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