Top 5 Attractions and Rides for Rainy Days at Epcot

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Find out if your favorite attraction, ride, or show makes it into our list of the Top 5 Attractions and Rides for Rainy Days at Epcot

Top 5 Attractions and Rides for Rainy Days at EPCOT

Disney loving peeps know that no matter if it’s raining or shining, Disney is always the place to be.  Sadly, a lot of first timers avoid the parks if they know it will rain, but not my family. The first park I ever visited knowing it would rain was Epcot. My hubby and I had a dinner date scheduled for Le Cellier, but the clouds were looming and you could smell the rain.

Top 5 Attractions and Rides for Rainy Days at EpcotDid the threat of rain drive us back into Wilderness Lodge for a drink by the fire?  Nope! Instead, we took a cab to Epcot and ran through the rain, hand in hand, with no umbrella. We were soaked by the time we arrived in the Canada pavilion, but neither of us cared a bit. When we finished our dinner at Le Cellier, we explored Epcot at night after the rain and it was absolutely stunning. Everything glistened and the little lights in the walkways in Future World seemed to shine so much brighter than before. It was a wonderful conclusion to date night and one I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

I tell you this story so that you know that Epcot is beautiful in the rain, especially at night. However, if running in the rain doesn’t leave you with a smile on your face, here is a list of attractions at Epcot that are perfect to get you out of the rain until those afternoon showers can pass.

1. The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion

Top 5 Attractions and Rides for Rainy Days at EpcotMy family loves the Seas with Nemo & Friends pavilion. This pavilion is located in Future World and has so much going on inside. Enter through the Finding Nemo ride and exit into The Seas pavilion. The Seas with Nemo & Friends is my youngest son’s favorite ride because when it’s over you he gets to explore the huge fish tanks full of live sea creatures. When I say huge, I mean over 5 million gallons of saltwater!

My oldest son prefers spending time with Crush and Squirt over at Turtle Talk with Crush. Disney recently gave Dory a more prominent role in this attraction and it made it even better in my eyes. Check out this blog to get some great tips for getting the most out of this interactive show. This is one of the best places to go when it rains if you have small children and love marine life. There is even a big play area for the kids with Bruce the shark and tons of interactive games for the whole family.

2. The Land Pavilion

Top 5 Attractions and Rides for Rainy Days at EpcotThe Land pavilion is also a family favorite. We love this pavilion for many reasons, but it’s an exceptionally great place to go when it rains, because there is quite a bit packed into this area. You can ride Living with the Land, Sorain’ Around the World, watch an environmental fable called The Circle of Life. You can even take a behind the scenes tour for Living with the Land called Behind the Seeds. There are also plenty of places to eat including Garden Grill (a character table service meal) and my favorite quick service location, Sunshine Seasons. The best part during the rain is that it is completely indoors. The only downside is that the stroller parking area is close the Finding Nemo ride, so cover those strollers up every time you leave them.

3. The Imagination Pavilion

Top 5 Attractions and Rides for Rainy Days at EpcotThe Imagination Pavilion is my oldest son’s favorite area in all of Epcot. He loves riding Journey Into the Imagination with Figment. The part where we explore our sense of smell cracks him up every time. I really think what he loves the most is the area after the ride. ImageWorks-The “What If” Labs is a fantastic play area. In this area children and adults can explore the senses and stretch their imaginations together. My boys are all about hands on experiments and things that keep them moving. I enjoy playing with them or sitting down in a corner of wherever their imagination has taken them. This area is near perfection when you are trying to wait out an afternoon shower or storm with little ones.

4. The Mexico Pavilion

Top 5 Attractions and Rides for Rainy Days at EpcotThe Mexico pavilion is one of our absolute favorite pavilions. We love the bright colors, we love the market type feel, and we LOVE the fact that it is almost all indoors. It’s perfect for rainy days or days that feel like you are walking around on the surface of the sun. This pavilion is perfect if you are in the World Showcase when the bottom falls out. Head inside and you can shop, ride Gran Fiesta Tour, or dine at the San Angel Inn. Whatever you chose, it’s a great place to stay dry and cool.

5. Club Cool

Top 5 Attractions and Rides for Rainy Days at EpcotWho doesn’t love free samples?! Pick me! I love anything free, especially soda! When it’s raining at Epcot, we like to stop in to hang out at Club Cool and sample the soda flavors from around the world. Recently it seems they changed the flavors up, but the well loved Beverly is still there for all to try. I will be the first to warn you though, don’t recommend that one to those with weak constitutions. If you aren’t careful, you might end up with a protein spill to clean up. One other warning about this stop for rainy days, the area is small and the floors can sometimes be slick. Watch your step and head over to the massive gift shop nearby if it’s too packed.

Top 5 Attractions and Rides for Rainy Days at Epcot

There you have it. This is my family’s Top 5 Attractions for Rainy Days at Epcot. Do you have a favorite that we left off? If so, sound off in the comments and we may add it the next time we update the blog. Or head on over to Disney Express Lane Facebook Group to discuss this and many other Disney related topics.

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