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Check out this awesome ride at Animal Kingdom with the Video: TriceraTop Spin a Disney World Review!

Chester and Hester’s Dino-rama

Nestled in Dinoland U.S.A. at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the TriceraTop Spin.  This ride is the Animal Kingdom’s version of the enormously popular Dumbo attraction, but instead of adorable flying elephants, you can enjoy a ride atop a whimsical, multicolored Triceratops.  Just like Dumbo, it is a hub-and-spoke midway style ride that allows you to control your journey.  Resembling a huge vintage tin-toy, TriceraTop Spin is a wacky carnival-themed attraction that features 16 dinosaur ride vehicles that rotate around a vibrant central top.  This ride is part of a larger area known as Chester and Hester’s Dino-rama, which is fun of carnival style rides and games.

Up to four people can sit in a triceratops gondola. When the music starts, each triceratops  will rise and tilt as you spin around a giant top. If you’re seated in the back row, you can direct how high or low you fly by moving an onboard lever up or down. If you’re sitting in the front row, you can use a joystick to tip your dinosaur forward or backward.

Video: TriceraTop Spin a Disney World ReviewThe View

Be amazed as cartoon comets fly past you while dinosaurs pop up as you spin around. Not to mention, the view is pretty cool from each triceratops gondola. The TriceraTop Spin is perfect for kids of all ages! There are no height restrictions and even those who tend to have issues with motion sickness rarely have issues because the pace is slow and steady.

My kids love the quirky music and the fact they can control the vehicle. If you have little ones, this ride is a sure bet to bring on the smiles and giggles.  This ride is also a perfect opportunity to capture a cute picture with your little ones.

TriceraTop Spin is a blast from the prehistoric past, so don’t miss it!

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photo credit: Animal Kingdom – Himalayan Escape via photopin (license)

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