5 Not So Ordinary Things To Remember When Going To Disney World

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Things are different, yep, we totally get it. It looks like it could be this way for some time, so we have to plan accordingly. If you have a trip to Disney World planned for the near future, there are some not so ordinary things you need to remember. These are things we normally wouldn’t even consider or think about, but due to recent changes, we all need to be aware.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyworldtips Not So Ordinary Things

Not So Ordinary Things

When planning for a Disney World vacation, there are LOTS of things to remember. 2020 has added EVEN more to that list. These not so ordinary things will definitely help you not be surprised when visiting Disney World this year or even early next year

  • Security IS a big deal, as it should be. Please do not take pictures or videos of the security personnel, areas around the security spots or the process of getting into the parks. This is for your protection as well as others and cast members.
  • Not all shops are open. There are a lot of shops that aren’t open right now. You will also find that in most shopping areas (in the parks), there is a one way direction going. Entrance will be for entering only and the exit will be for exiting only. There are cast members at each spot making sure everyone is going in the same general direction. No back tracking in the stores!
  • Take breaks (mask breaks). Yes, you would normally take breaks from walking, but we are referring to taking a mask break. There are locations in each park called, RELAXATION STATIONS. These are spots where you can rest from your mask for a bit. The current rule is you cannot take your mask off unless you are at a relaxation station or eating or drinking, while stationary. Get used to wearing the mask for long periods of time before your vacation.
  • Characters greet you differently. Characters are around, just not in the way they have been in the past. There will be no interaction between you and the characters. As of right now, there will be no fireworks or parades. But, there have been some mini, pop up parades spotted with characters. Again, there is just no personal interacting with them.
  • Temperature checks upon entrance to the parks AND entering a dining establishment.

Not So Ordinary Things PLUS ONE

Have patience. This one can be hard for some people, but patience is KEY right now. With social distancing guidelines in place, we need to feel AND be safe. Not just us, but cast members as well. Do you part by having a little patience.

If you are planning on visiting Disney World soon, here are five items that you may want to consider bringing along!

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