Whispering Canyon Cafe: A Disney Dining Review


Ring the dinner bell and head on over to read up on our newest dining review in Whispering Canyon Cafe: A Disney Dining Review.

Whispering Canyon Cafe: A Disney Dining Review

Round up those cowboys and cowgirls (or wild Indians in our case), because it’s time for dinner. No matter who you’ve been wrangling all over the parks, you will love knowing that dinner is ready at Whispering Canyon Cafe. Why, you might ask? Well, because A)You don’t need to cook or clean, because you are on vacation! B) Whispering Canyon Cafe has something to keep everyone happy. From sassy servers to hobby horse races, you are sure to smile quite a bit before your food even arrives.

The Wild West at Its Best

Whispering Canyon Cafe: A Disney Dining ReviewWhispering Canyon Cafe is nestled in the corner of the majestic lobby of the Wilderness Lodge Resort. It’s open air feel and rough-hewn log decor really makes the restaurant feel like a quaint cafe out west. The tables are all glowing, natural wood and the chairs are painted with various depictions of cowboys and Indians. You can make an Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR) for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

When you walk up the stairs to the check-in counter, you will be welcomed with hearty howdy do. There is usually a wait, so grab the standard restaurant pager and pull up a seat around the fire or one of the comfy couches around the lobby. If you have little ones, head over to the Lincoln logs station just across from the check in area. Here the kiddos can build houses and villages to their hearts content. While you are waiting, pay close attention to the antics inside. This will be important later.

Jump In and Play

Whispering Canyon Cafe: A Disney Dining ReviewOnce you are seated, you will need to decide if you want to play or observe. If you paid attention during the wait, you know that playing is fun, hilarious, and sometimes a bit embarrassing. Hey, you only live once and embarrassing also means really funny in a few more years. Disney has devised a way to opt out though, so pay attention you wallflowers. If your whole table does NOT want to play, flip the coaster on your table over to the red side that says, “I’m boring.”…Just kidding. It says, “Watch From the Fence” and has a red ring around the edge.  If you are in for a good time, flip the coaster over to the Jump In and Play side that is edged in green.

I highly recommend that you play, but if you want to be a stick in the mud I suppose I can’t stop you. If you play, get ready to be mildly harassed by your server all in the name of fun. I’ve witnessed anything from making it rain straws when my son kindly requested the straws she forgot (our oldest son still giggles over that) to being made to stand up and sing I’m a Little Teapot.There are also hobby horse races, singing, and a good helping of silliness. The antics are hilarious and the whole family is sure to get a laugh out of this.

The Fixins

Whispering Canyon Cafe: A Disney Dining ReviewNow some of you may be like my husband; you love a good laugh, but you LURVE a great meal even more. Well, I promise that Whispering Canyon Cafe is not going to let you down in the food department either.

First of all, get the bottomless milkshake. They are delicious and the server will refill it as long as your behind is parked in your chair. Second, if you are packing an appetite from the 10+ miles you walked, then order the All-You-Care-To-Enjoy Skillet. I’ve never seen so much food! My husband ordered this and it came with salad, cornbread, pulled pork, ribs, roasted chicken, oak-smoked beef, and sausage. Not to mention the veggies, potatoes, baked beans and corn on the cob! Do note that you can not share this skillet though. If you aren’t quite that hungry, I recommend the New York Strip with blue cheese butter (ask for extra of that butter!).

Oh wait, you know I can’t quit there. We need to talk sweets! Ok, here is the low down at WCC for dessert time. The cheesecake is meh, the cobbler is pretty darn good, but the gooey cake. Mmmmmm, that thing is yummy! If you are a Kitchen Sink or Mickey Pants Sundae fan, then you should try the newly added 10 Gallon Challenge. The menu describes it as follows: “A Canyon Cowboy Hat filled with scoops of Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Mint Chocolate-Chip Ice Cream smothered in very topping from the chuck wagon including Chocolate-covered Bacon (serves four).”

Whispering Canyon Cafe: A Disney Dining ReviewTips

  • If you don’t have a car, you will need to take your resort transportation to Magic Kingdom and then board a bus or ride the boat to Wilderness Lodge to eat at Whispering Canyon Cafe. You can also use Uber or a taxi.
  • The boat to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge from Magic Kingdom is the most relaxing option. It’s a wonderful and relaxing way to arrive at your destination.
  • Take time before or after your reservation to explore Wilderness Lodge. It is a beautiful and serene resort, especially at Christmastime.
  • Whispering Canyon Cafe is LOUD! If you or your children do not do well with loud restaurants, avoid this one.
  • This restaurant accepts most Disney Dining Plans and would make a great addition to your magical vacation! Go HERE for more information on this fabulous restaurant!

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