Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort: A Hotel and Resort in Orlando Review

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Looking for another resort option? Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort: A Hotel and Resort in Orlando Review will give you just what you are looking for!

Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort: A Hotel and Resort in Orlando Review

Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort: A Hotel and Resort in Orlando ReviewWe had the pleasure of staying at Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort and it was absolutely fantastic! I had my reservations about staying here with my family of five, but upon arrival I slowly let the worries I had fall by the wayside. Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort is SO close to all of the Disney Magic. It’s less than a mile away from the Disney gates! It is a hop, skip and a jump from the parks. We were so close we could even go to the top of our building and watch the fireworks from Hollywood Studios.


Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort: Hotels and Resorts in OrlandoWe were not disappointed in the spacious rooms at all! As a matter of fact, we unwound from our long days in the parks by spreading out and relaxing. The kids could separate a bit, as well as mom and dad. When you have three kids under the age of seven, space can be so important. Everyone needs some breathing room!

We stayed in the 2 Bedroom Deluxe and we had plenty of room for the five of us. We even had family come by to visit and we were not squeezed in like we would have been in a normal size hotel room.

The best part about our room was that it faced Hollywood Studios. So on the nights when Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort: Hotels and Resorts in Orlandothe kids were already in bed and worn out from the day, my husband and I took a glass of wine out on the balcony and had a little peace and quiet while watching fireworks!

Extra Fun Stuff

Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort was full of anything and everything we needed. We had a concierge desk that we could call at any time with any issue. They even encouraged us to call if we ran out of trash bags or dishwashing detergent. They were always there and willing to help.

The grounds were absolutely beautiful. All condos, although not all have a lake view, were Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort: Hotels and Resorts in Orlandositting on a beautiful lake that some of the restaurants and pools overlooked. Speaking of pools, did I mention this resort has five?! Yes, five pools….

Along with…..

  • “Play Days” Activities Program
  • 9 Outdoor Hot Tubs
  • Playground
  • 2 Children’s Water Features
  • 13 Cabanas
  • Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort: Hotels and Resorts in Orlando Review2 Lazy Rivers
  • 2 Exercise Equipment Areas
  • 3 Game Rooms
  • Miniature Golf
  • 3 Picnic/BBQ Areas
  • Beach Volleyball Court
  • Complimentary toiletries


Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort: Hotels and Resorts in OrlandoWyndham Bonnet Creek Resort has four different restaurants and bars:

  • La Cantina Grill
  • La Cocina Pizzeria & Bar
  • Escudos Bar & Grill
  • Treasure Bar

But honestly, we did not use any of them while we were there. We really appreciated having a full kitchen in our condo. I prepared a weekly menu at home, full of items that were easy to prepare once I got to our condo every night. Since we drove and did not fly, we had the luxury of taking some of the grocery items with us. I waited to get the cold items once we got there at the local Publix.

Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort: Hotels and Resorts in Orlando

You can also utilize Garden Grocer if you did not want to drive to a local grocery store or if you fly into Orlando. With Garden Grocer you can have your groceries delivered to the resort and they will be waiting on you upon your arrival! Easy, right?!

Updated To Add

Or you can always take advantage of Instacart! It’s easy to use and very convenient!

We loved eating when we wanted to and at the time we wanted to. No waiting on reservation times. We took sandwiches and other lunch items for during the day along with other snack items and voila, we were ready for our day after our Mickey Waffles and eggs. (Yes, we missed our Mickey Waffles at the Disney Resorts, so we brought our own Mickey waffle maker.)

And, although Disney restaurants are fantastic about accommodating food allergies, we opted to stay in and eat in our spacious kitchen this trip. My daughter has severe food allergies and this trip we opted to have more down time and skip the Disney restaurants.

Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort: Hotels and Resorts in Orlando Review(Look for my Disney vacation Weekly Menu and Recipes coming soon!)

Transportation to Disney Parks

Although Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort has transportation to Disney Parks there is a small shuttle fee. Be sure to check out the price before you decide if this resort is right for you. We did not use the shuttle at all, since we drove to Orlando. Therefore, the shuttle transportation was not needed for this trip and didn’t effect our decision to stay here.

Although, Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort is not technically a Disney Resort, it is the only other resort that is on Disney property, so it is super close to the action. The drive from the resort to the parks was less than ten minutes to each park. Not a bad commute every day!

Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort: Hotels and Resorts in Orlando ReviewKeep in mind, if you drive to Disney Parks you will need to pay for parking. We have annual passes so this was not an issue, but you may want to consider parking fees before booking your next visit at Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort.

Extra Tips

If you are contemplating staying at Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort make sure you weigh out your pros and cons. I have noted several below for your convenience:


  • Close to Disney Parks
  • Less expensive for a family of five or more
  • Washer/Dryer in your condo
  • Full Kitchen
  • Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort: A Hotel and Resort in Orlando ReviewMore room for a family of five or more
  • You can watch Hollywood Studios fireworks from your balcony or top floor of building


  • Extra fee for housekeeping (depending on what company you book through)
  • Shuttle to Disney Parks for a fee
  • Parking fee for Disney Parks if you drive

How To Book A Vacation at Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort

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