15 Reasons the Magic is Still Alive at Walt Disney World

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You have been forewarned! I may get sappy for a bit, but it’s for a good cause! So hang in there and read these 15 Reasons the Magic is Still Alive at Walt Disney World!

I think often about, why we are so fond of our Disney memories as a family. Especially when we get eye rolls from some people as we mention our next Disney adventure. Or when we are asked: aren’t you a little old for that? Or: didn’t y’all just get back? Or: Aren’t the kids getting tired of it?

I am sure you have heard them all too!

I am sure my reasons are the same as many but, since my family and I started frequenting the Mouse’s House, I have had the opportunity to watch others and their special moments at Disney too. My three kids make LOTS of memories but, I have realized there is so much more to Disney than just my memories and all memories are amazing in their own right. I was reminded why I started this blog in the first place: the MEMORIES! As I watch, I see the memories unfold right before my eyes.

I See:

  • The kids wave with excitement as they get a glimpse of their favorite hero or princess as the parade goes by on Main Street U.S.A.
  • The 60-year-old seeing the castle for the very first time and amazed with excitement.
  • The 20-year-old taking a million selfies to get the perfect one, so they can tell everyone where they are and be proud of it on Instagram.
  •  The Princesses young and old standing in line to get their favorite princesses’ autograph. Some aren’t accompanied by a child, they are the child!
  • All of the people wearing their celebration buttons. Some wearing buttons celebrating 50 years of marriage, some a birthday celebration and some celebrating being Cancer Free. All are milestones to be proud of! ( I will be wearing my special button our next trip that says: Celebrating Heart Health. 🙂 I will be the proudest of that one, since I just had my final (God willing) heart surgery in February! You can read about my heart journey, HERE if you would like.)
  • Couples holding hands and making memories together with and without the kids. Reminding each other of what being together is all about.
  • The moms that cry as their child hugs Mickey at age twelve and remembers the magic that only Mickey can bring to their preteen.
  • The dads wearing the Disney shirts and silly goofy hats just to get a good laugh from the kiddos on their magical trip.
  • The kids dressing as their favorite princess or pirate and grinning every step of the way.
  • All of the kids exhausted at night asleep in the stroller or in mommy and daddy’s lap while dreaming of the magic.
  • The moms that get misty eyed as they see the castle, whether it’s their first or 31st time seeing it, it’s unforgettable.
  • The grandparents seeing Disney through their children and grandchildren’s eyes in the same visit.
  • Generations of families getting together to reminisce about days gone by.
  • The 2 grandmothers that cannot be out done by each other, so they both get on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with their mutual grandchild. (True story: Best memory I have ever had at the Magic Kingdom. Even 33 years later, it still gets me misty eyed.)
  • Families sharing a moment together for a split second and putting away their differences as Mickey walks by and snaps a pic with them.

15 Reasons the Magic is Still Alive at Walt Disney World


Magic Is Real

Pretend is real!

Whether we are young or old, Disney takes us back to childhood, the childhood we never had, the childhood we wished we had or the childhood that gave us so many wonderful memories. Disney IS our childhood! We all just want to be kids again and Disney takes us there.

So, that is why I love Disney so much! Thank you for sharing your memories with me in the parks (I promise I am not a stalker, just a people watcher ;-)) and thank you for sharing your memories with me here on this blog. I love getting emails and private messages that you share with me about your magical vacation. Everyone has a different outlook on their Disney vacation and I love seeing it from each of your perspectives.

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