Storybook Dining At Artist Point: A Disney World Dining Review

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My family and I recently had the chance to visit Artist Point at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and experience Storybook Dining with Snow White. It was a hit with our entire family from beginning to end! Read on to get our full review of Storybook Dining At Artist Point.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyplanning storybook dining at artist point

Storybook Dining At Artist Point

First of all, our family loves Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. It is a beautiful resort and it fits our family’s personality. We love hiking, camping, and the great outdoors. The decor is stunning and you can stroll around the lobbies to take in all of the architecture which is just absolutely breathtaking.

Heading To Wilderness Lodge Resort

We were early for our reservation (we had taken a bus from the Magic Kingdom over), so we spent some time strolling around the resort. We checked out the lobby, saw Chip and Dale, who were visiting with guests in the lobby. Then we walked around the grounds for a little while taking in all of the beauty that the Wilderness Lodge has to offer.

Artist Point Restaurant

Artist Point is a beautiful restaurant and feels very much like you’re sitting in the heart of the woods. It was quiet and not very crowded for a character meal.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyplanning storybook dining at artist point

When it was time for our reservation, we were greeted by our server and he let us know that we were being seated in one of the best spots in the restaurant: the Queen’s Table. Why was it called the Queen’s Table? Because we were seated RIGHT in front of where the Evil Queen greeted guests. This was by far one of the best character experiences we have ever had because we got to watch the Queen interact with everyone throughout our entire meal! If you have never met her, I have to tell you that she might be my favorite character that we have met with ever.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyplanning storybook dining at artist point

A Three Course Meal

Now, this dinner is a three-course meal with shared appetizers and desserts. The concept was new to us, but our waiter explained everything to us and made sure we were ready for when characters were going to appear and when we would get our chance to meet the Queen.

Snow White was lovely and sweet and came out quite quickly after we were seated. My girls and my son loved her. She wrapped up her visit to our table by giving my son a kiss on the forehead (and the best photo-op)! When he grows up I’m definitely showing posting this in his graduation slideshow!#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyplanning storybook dining at artist point

Appetizers And Characters

The appetizers were small bites with enough for everyone at our table to have a portion. They were brought out together, but were plated so that you could grab your own of each of the offerings. The kids all had special appetizers brought out on a small bread board. We had mushroom soup, Hunter’s Toureen, and Wicked Shrimp Cocktail. The mushroom soup was definitely my overall favorite and I swapped my husband my shrimp cocktail for his soup!

While we finished our appetizers, we met Grumpy and Dopey. We made our best grumpy faces and then we blew kisses to Dopey as he had to leave! While we waited we were able to keep a constant watch on the Evil Queen’s meet and greet with other guests. I have to say that our night would not have been quite as enjoyable if we hadn’t been seated where we could see and hear all of these interactions!#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyplanning storybook dining at artist point


Our entrees arrived and they were delicious. All of the adults but my mother-in-law had the prime rib with horseradish mashed potatoes and a popover. It was delicious! My mother-in-law had the Sorceress Spell of Land and Sea and she said it was one of the best things we ate during our entire trip. The children’s portion of the prime rib was large and my kids devoured it. The sides were equally as good. My oldest had the roast chicken and the portion size was really big! The sides were good too! Overall, the entrees were awesome and have been some of the best that we’ve had at any character meal at Disney World!#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyplanning storybook dining at artist point

Desserts And The Queen

The dessert portion of the meal was also a hit. I honestly wish I could have had a giant slice of the gooseberry pie! It was delicious. The best part about the small portions was that you got to sample a little bit of everything. There was a little bit of trading and bartering for favorites toward the end too. And, there was a special finale brought out by our server before we got to meet with the Evil Queen. I don’t want to spoil it, but it was very…dramatic just like the Evil Queen herself! (And also, it was really delicious!)#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyplanning storybook dining at artist point

Meeting the Evil Queen after watching her throughout our entire meal was definitely a highlight of our night. She was funny, dry, and really fun to watch interact with other guests. My children were so excited to meet her and couldn’t keep straight faces throughout their conversation with her. (They had watched her all evening, so they had some crazy questions for her….Part of the perks of sitting at the Queen’s Table for sure!)#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyplanning storybook dining at artist point

Storybook Dining At Artist Point is a Complete 10!

Overall, I would have to give this dinner a 10. It had the best food, atmosphere, and character experiences that I think we’ve had at a meal. It also wasn’t super crowded like I’ve found some of our other character dining experiences to be and honestly, I preferred it to Cinderella’s Royal Table because of that.

At one Table Service dining credit I feel like this dinner was definitely a gem and if you’re Character Dining inclined, should be on your must-do list!!

Tips For Storybook Dining At Artist Point

  • This is only one table service credit on the Disney Dining Plan
  • Allow for extra travel time
  • Bring those autograph books

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