3 Magical Places At Walt Disney World Where You Can Pop The Big Question

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3 Magical Places At Walt Disney World You Can Pop The Big Question

There are many reasons why Walt Disney World is called the happiest place on Earth. From the moment your little one meets their idol in Mickey Mouse or Minnie, to that warm feeling you get inside when you look down Main Street and see Cinderella Castle, it is truly a magical place. Even with all of that magic, there is one thing many people don’t associate Walt Disney World with…romance.  Believe it or not, there are quite a few places where you could (and may I say SHOULD) pop the big question.

There are so many different places at Walt Disney World where a marriage proposal would be ideal, but I don’t want to overwhelm you or give away too many surprises for those who might already be planning a special moment to get that special someone to say “Yes!”.  Instead, let us take a look at a few options and then I will leave you to top them with your own special touches to make the moment truly memorable.

The Contemporary Resort

Contemporary Walt Disney World

Imagine sitting atop of Disney’s Contemporary Resort.  You have just finished enjoying some of the finest cuisine Disney has to offer and you look at your watch to find that it’s 8:59 P.M. (right on schedule).   Next thing you know, they are dimming the lights and you hear the beginning sequence to the Wishes Fireworks Extravaganza. You tell your honey to look out the window and bam! You’re now watching the most extraordinary fireworks presentation in the United States, all from the comfort of your dinner table. The grand finale is nearing and you sneak out of your seat and onto one knee.  When the fireworks are over and your significant other turns back to the table,  she will see you on one knee,  and her breath will be taken away by the sight of you there asking for her to join you in making a life together.  Next thing you know, you’re engaged and the whole restaurant is clapping and your waiter is bringing champagne to toast the occasion. This would truly be an unforgettable moment and you are sure to win brownie points every time your sweetheart tells her friends about this romantic proposal.

Dessert Collage contemporary walt Disney World

Your Favorite Attraction, Show, or Parade

Not a fan of the inside of a restaurant proposal idea?  That’s perfectly okay, because I have a couple more ideas that will honestly make for something either of you will ever forget. There is a live action show that happens in front of Cinderella’s Castle on a daily basis, “Dream Along With Mickey.” Not only does it feature many of your favorite Disney characters such as Mickey and Minnie, it also showcases Princes and Princesses. With songs like, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” and ” Some Day My Prince Will Come”, this show is one that will warm your heart in so many ways.

So picture this, you watch the show with the Castle in the background and it comes to an end. What a perfect time and spot to get down on one knee to ask your significant other to spend the rest of their life with you. Once again the crowd goes wild, and it also gives opportunity for a magical kiss in front of the castle.  Don’t forget to schedule the PhotoPass photographer to catch your magical moment, that way you can share this special memory with professional quality photography.

Disney’s Wedding Pavilion

The final magical place on my list is practically perfect if you prefer a more private place to pop the big question.  There is a pathway from The Grand Floridian to the Polynesian that is honestly a nice, quiet stroll and this little walk will take you right past Disney’s Wedding Pavilion. Honestly, with so many marriages going on here, this, in my opinion is the most romantic place on Disney grounds. From the beautiful shrubbery to the breathing backdrop of Bay Lake, Disney’s Wedding Pavilion is a place where you want to stop and just take in the scenery with the one you love.  If you plan it just right, this stroll will have you both focused on romance and what a storybook perfect time to get down on one knee and pop the big question.  Use the natural beauty as a backdrop and your special someone is sure to always remember this magical moment forever and be so glad to spend forever with you.

If a proposal is in your future, don’t discount the beauty and magic that Disney can provide for such a special moment.  Although these 3 choices are all romantic in their own sense, any location your choose on Walt Disney World property is going to be a hit with the one you love.   Walt Disney World is sure to give you a great start to your very own happily ever after and what better place to seal the deal than at the happiest place on Earth?

Have you ever popped the question at Walt Disney World or are you planning to anytime soon? Tell us all about it!

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