4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of The The Festival Of Fantasy Parade

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The Festival of Fantasy Parade is one of my absolute favorites. I have been going to Disney World for many years and this parade trumps them all for me. I love the floats, the costumes and the music. I mean I cannot lie, it is my favorite!

Through the years since its debut we have learned out favorite places to stand and not so favorite places to stand while watching this parade. Being annual passholders we have had the privilege of attending on crowded days and not so crowded days. But no matter what days we decide to attend we make sure we keep a few things in mind.

4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of The The Festival Of Fantasy Parade

 4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of The The Festival Of Fantasy Parade1) Make Sure You Follow Parade Etiquette: Seriously people have some manners! If someone has been saving a place for their child for an hour and you dart into their view of the parade…… Really?! I mean have some manners. If you want to see the parade that bad up close and personal save the “perfect” spot for yourself.

2) Remember That Everyone Has Paid To Be Here: It is not just you and your family that have a right to be here watching the parade. Everyone has paid their fair share and deserve a turn watching this awesome parade. It isn’t worth fighting over a view. If you need help with this reference #1 again.

3) Sometimes The Places You Least Expect Are The Perfect Places to Watch This Parade: I have watched this parade from many angles and I have to say that two places stand out in my mind more than others.

a) Train Station: If you climb the stairs to the train station balcony you will find a spot that is quit nice. If you look onto Main Street USA go to the right and pick a spot. (You will be looking over onto Town Square Theatre where Mickey and Ticker Bell Meet and Greet right now.) Even though you are kinda to the side, no worries, the parade comes up from Main Street USA and makes a turn to go into the barn. You will get great pics from this angle. You will be able to see the whole float and your kids will feel as if the parade is coming right at them.

b) In Front of City Hall: Another great place to stand is in front of City Hall/ Bathrooms, across from the Harmony Barber Shop. Right there in that little nook or curve is where the floats will start to descend to the barn. You will get lots of great shots right there and typically you won’t have to fight for a spot. No one thinks it is a great spot to stand, but I beg to differ. I have gotten some great shots of the floats from there and I do not have to fight for a spot. As a matter of fact one of the times I went without my kids (yes, without my kids, It’s my job. I mean someone has to do it ;-)) I noticed a little girl straining to see. I got the moms attention and told her she could sit at my feet. I wasn’t moving, just taking pics and she had an excellent view!

4) Do Not Stand On The East Side of Main Street: Do not stand on the side of Main Street USA that has Tony’s Town Square or the Main Street Confectionary. All the way down that side of the street you will be facing the sun as you watch the parade. It will make for awful pics and it is very hot. Try to get on the other side if at all possible, unless you are lucky enough to be by the train station as I suggested above. The sun will not bother you as bad there because you will be facing the other way, so your pics will still be fabulous!

Bonus Tip

If you are just too tired to take pics or actually watch the parade, but the sounds make you happy enough, make sure you take a walk down Main Street USA before the parade starts then stop on the Plaza Garden close to the castle. On many occasions my family and I take a seat on the fake grass or even lay back and soak in some sun while we soak in the sounds of the parade.

I hope these few tips help you have a more magical vacation as you watch the famous Festival of Fantasy Parade! It is a must and of course everyone wants a great place to watch it!

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