14 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

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We all make mistakes when we first go to Magic Kingdom, but maybe I can help you avoid these rookie mistakes with my “short list’ of suggestions! Take a peek at these common mistakes you need to avoid at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyworldplanning avoid at disneys magic

14 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Disney World. Walking down Main Street USA and looking up at that castle is probably one of my favorite things to do. Another thing I greatly enjoy is people watching. I have also noticed and been guilty of a few of these rookie mistakes!

14. Prioritizing Astro Orbiter! A rookie mistake to avoid is being fooled by Astro Orbiter. Astro Orbiter looks exciting, and it can be! The problem is you wait in line on the ground, then get on an elevator, and then wait again! I recommend getting this ride done when the crowds have died down, preferably later in the afternoon. 

Rookie Mistakes!

13. Not Mobile Ordering Your Snacks, especially That Precious Dole Whip. Another rookie mistake to avoid that people often make at Magic Kingdom, is not utilizing the mobile ordering with My Disney Experience. Mobile ordering is super easy and lines at Magic Kingdom can be quite long. Any time you can cut time waiting in lines I recommend it. You’re paying a lot of money to be there and you want to get the most out of it.

12. Not Embracing Each Land as Its Own Unique Experience! Fantasyland brings out your inner child; Frontierland has some excellent coasters and the look of a time once forgotten; Adventureland immerses you into your very own adventure waiting to unfold right before you; Liberty Square gives you a showcase of the heart of America; and Tomorrowland (my favorite) gives you an outlook of a brighter future and the possible technology we use to get there!

11. Going Straight to Tomorrowland! A huge rookie mistake to avoid is following your basic instinct and going to the right when you see the castle. Always, Always, ALWAYS go clockwise in Magic Kingdom! You should always go the opposite direction of the crowd; you should plan fast passes around this! For some reason most people head to Fantasyland or Tomorrowland when they enter Magic Kingdom. My Disney Experience also has this nifty feature that will tell you the quickest way to get somewhere based on your current location.  

10. Not Coordinating Your Rides with a certain path. Going from Frontierland to Tomorrowland is a real trek! You can get anywhere in the park in about 10 minutes, but this doesn’t mean you’ll want to. Also, keep in mind, this is without children.

No No’s

9. Not Utilizing the Firework Shows! If you aren’t big on parades or fireworks, they are the perfect time to get some must do attraction in. With everyone else waiting for the show, it leaves the lines wide open! Pro Tip: Splash Mountain has a spectacular view of the castle at night!

8. Getting Your Ice Cream From a Cart! There are so many amazing options inside of MK! Plaza Ice Cream Parlor has some unique choices, and I always must stop at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies! Of course if you love your ice cream in the shape of Mickey then there is no shame in getting some ears. I personally always get a swirl cone at every park.

Waiting is a Rookie Mistake

7. Waiting in too Long of a Line for a Ride. Fast Passes are great for a reason. You don’t want to be wasting hours in a line and miss out on the magic of other attractions! Unless it’s your favorite ride or one you’ve been looking forward to I don’t like waiting more than 30 min for a ride. There are exceptions, of course. If you’re there during a busy season you might not have a choice but to wait in a few lines. And of course, with the “new normal”, fast passes are not available at this current time.

6. Wasting Fast Passes. A rookie mistake that seems obvious but that most people do is wasting their fast passes on the wrong rides. This is a Disney sin! No one needs a Fast Pass for Haunted Mansion! Yes, you should definitely experience the ride, but the wait is hardly ever long enough to justify a fast pass! You always want to use fast passes on the mountains or even something that always has a terribly long line like Jungle Cruise or Peter Pan.

5. Thinking You’re too Old to Ride Something! Disney is where we are supposed to let our inner child out! Be a kid! Being an adult is boring and who wants to grow up anyways?!

4. Only Riding Rides That Have That “Wow!” Factor. The People Mover is one of the slowest rides, but it has to be one of my favorites. Magic Kingdom has so many classic rides that have stood the test of time, but you’ll miss them if you’re only looking at the “Mountains”.

3. Not Getting That Sweet Spot Early for Parades/Fireworks! They may seem like a thing of the past, but rookies never plan reserving their viewing spots! The best spots to watch always fill up well before the show starts!

Plans and Mistakes

2. Being too Set in a Plan! Being lenient with your schedule is great! You never know what can pop up. Rides will have maintenance problems, and sometimes the line just isn’t worth it. You also never know if those kiddos will be in the right mood.

1. Not Having a Plan at All! It’s fine if you want a relaxing vacation, but you won’t get to do half the park if you aren’t somewhat prepared. It’s why having a travel agent is always a good call, plus they’re services are free to you! There is another added bonus that most travel agents won’t make these basic rookie mistakes.

While you are visiting the Magic Kingdom, don’t forget to grab some of these popular snacks! Looking for more things to avoid at Disney’s Magic Kingdom? We have a Facebook group you will just LOVE! DISNEY EXPRESS LANE! Join us today.

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