5 Unique Experiences You Should Add To Your Disney World Bucket List

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For many, a Disney World vacation is a once in a lifetime experience. Me? I could honestly live there. The trips never get old and I still get goosebumps when I see the sign welcoming me to Walt Disney World. There are a few things I haven’t done that are on my bucket list. So, here’s my top 5 Unique Experiences At Disney World that are on my bucket list! You may just want to add these to yours too!

Unique Experiences At Disney World

Everyone’s “bucket list” for Disney World will be different, and these are just a few things that my family and I would like to try! Of course, this is ONLY five of what’s actually on my list, there is more! LOL!

Nothing BUT Character Meet and Greets

There are rides and attractions that are amazing and well worth the wait times. But, my love for all things Disney began with the characters. There’s nothing like the opportunity to meet your favorite character and getting your picture taken with them. Those photos are priceless treasures to look back on and be reminded of the characters that made you fall in love with Disney to begin with. It would be awesome to spend a full day doing nothing but character meet and greets. Maybe even make it a scavenger hunt of sorts. Have your family make a list and see who can find, and meet, the most characters.

Stay in the Royal Guest Room at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort

A vacation at Walt Disney World is incredibly magical. But who wouldn’t want to experience a little extra magic and be treated like royalty? Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort offers a category of rooms called the Royal Guest Room. So, if you’re like me and want the extra dose of magic, this is the place to stay. Complete with details that allude to the princes and princesses of Disney movies as well as the fiber optic fireworks in the headboards, this is at the top of my list of resorts for our family to experience!

Visit All 4 Parks In One Day

This one may be a little more difficult with smaller children, but it’s definitely a challenge worth attempting. I’m not talking about getting into the parks, staying for a short time, then leaving. I want to visit all four parks and hit my favorite, or must-try, rides. Heading into Animal Kingdom first thing to hop on Expedition Everest and Na’vi River Journey. Be sure to look for Devine! Stopping in at Hollywood Studios to experience Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and catching a ride on one of my favorites in the park: Slinky Dog Dash. After that, it would be a stop at Epcot to ride Soarin’ and Test Track before grabbing a bite to eat in the World Showcase. Then finish it all up with the fireworks at Magic Kingdom and getting a few rides in before the park closes. I’m sure it would make for a long day, but it would be worth it!

If this is something that interests you too, check out this blog where one of our bloggers actually completes the 4 PARKS, ONE DAY challenge!

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Our family loves Christmas. And there is nowhere in the world that does Christmas quite like Walt Disney World. The trees along with all the other decorations. And, of course, Cinderella’s Castle all lit up. Christmas at Disney seems more magical than any other time. But Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is something we’ve not had the opportunity to experience yet. Seeing the special parade down Main Street, visiting with characters that are often hard to find, and eating the special treats are all things that we’d like to experience firsthand. Hopefully, this is an item that will be checked off very soon!

Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom Tour

Everything about Walt Disney World is awe-inspiring. The creativity of Walt Disney himself, along with all the imagineers who make everything come to life is mind-blowing. But I really want to experience what happens behind the scenes. This 5 hour tour of Disney’s Magic Kingdom gives you the scoop on the creation and growth of this iconic theme park. The thing I’d like to experience most on this tour is visiting the underground tunnels by way of the “Utilidors”. 

Bucket List

With the ever-changing landscape of Walt Disney World, I’m sure that, as soon as I check these items off, there will be more things to make it onto my list. That only means I’ll have to keep going back, and that’s okay with me! What are the things on your bucket list for your next (or first) trip to Walt Disney World?

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