6 Tips: How To Do Disney World Without The Dining Plan

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Doing Disney World with NO dining plan? What is this atrocity you speak of? With all of the current changes going on at Disney World, the Disney Dining Plans will not be available for a while. We have come up with 6 tips to help you maneuver Disney World Without the Dining Plan.6 Tips: How To Do Disney World Without The Dining Plan

Disney World Without The Dining Plan

Some people love the dining plan, some people hate it. Whatever your take is on the Disney Dining Plans, these 6 tips will help and possibly even save you some money! Be sure to watch the video of my husband and I explaining how we do Disney World without the dining plan. It’s all in fun as things sometimes get a little heated! LOL! You don’t want to miss it.

  • BRING FOOD-We aren’t talking about bringing 4 coolers and 6 meals. We are talking about bringing some sandwiches and snacks. Although we do recommend splurging on cake pops and Mickey pretzels! Good ole PB and J is great. My kids love turkey sandwiches as well. Make a little extra room in your backpack for a few sandwiches and save BIG!
  • BRING WATER-This one is not hard. Bring your favorite tervis and you are all set. Fill it up before you leave our for the day. Don’t forget you can get FREE ice water at most quick service restaurants. If you are still using a stroller, this comes in SUPER handy with bringing in bottles of water. A small cooler and water will keep you hydrated all day!
  • STARBUCKS-Stock up on Starbucks gift cards and save them until visiting Disney World. Then splurge on those treats!
  • DISNEY GIFT CARDS-Purchase Disney gift cards at a discount! This helps so much. Retailers such as Target and Sam’s Club sometimes offer these gift cards at a discount. Every little discount helps!
  • MOBILE ORDER-This is a huge money saver for us. We like to do mobile order and be done. It’s quick and easy. Also, you don’t have the children at the counter pointing out everything they want. They get what they get and it’s DONE! Everybody happy!


  • SHARE quick service meals-unless you are the perfect family who never argues, this one may not work well. We don’t like to share our food. Seriously, it’s a great money saver since some quick service restaurants offer larger than normal portions. One of our favorites is Pecos Bill at Magic Kingdom. The portions are large and they have an amazing toppings bar. Everyone gets to choose their favorite toppings and NO arguing on who doesn’t want what on their nachos!


These are just a few tips that my family uses when we visit Disney World without the dining plan. Of course, my husband PREFERS the dining plan. LOL!

What are your best tips for heading to Disney World without a dining plan? We would love to hear them! Head on over to our Facebook group, DISNEY EXPRESS LANE, and let us know. We might just add them to our list.

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