Fireworks from the Ferry: Fireworks Viewing Locations

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Find out why you should watch the Wishes Fireworks from the Ferry in this edition of Fireworks Viewing Locations.

Picking the Best Spot

Fireworks from the FerryHave you ever stood on Main Street waiting for the fireworks to begin and had the sudden itch to run away? I always swear that I am going to brave the crowds, pick out my spot early, and watch Wishes from the perfect view on Main Street. And then the crowds begin to amass and Monty Python’s skit “Run Away” starts running through my head and I find myself with the uncontrollable urge to bolt. Now don’t get me wrong, I know Disney World is crowded and I am well prepared for it most of the time. However, after a long day during a busy period I have a tough time managing my anxiety around such large groups of people. So what do I do when the crowds are just too much, but I still want to view the Magic Kingdom fireworks? I head straight out the exit and hop on a ferry or Friendship boat, that’s what!

The Ferry is the Answer

Most people don’t realize it, but you don’t have to be surrounded by thousands of people just to get a good view of the fireworks. If you just want to get away, hopping on one of the ferries is the best way to view the show without tons of people crowding you. Watching the fireworks from the ferry is also great on those nights when it feels super hot or humid outside. It’s hard to beat watching the fireworks on a slow moving boat with the wind stirring a gentle breeze to cool you off after a long day in the park. Have I mentioned that you can sit and watch the fireworks too? I know, shut the front door! If you take the TTC ferry they will even let you ride it back and forth until the show is over. Just let the attendants know before you hop on the ferry and they will be happy to let you enjoy the ride for as long as you like.

Or Take a Resort Cruiser or Launch

The cruiser to Wilderness Lodge

If you don’t mind a slightly more obstructed view of the fireworks, you can also take one of the boats to one of the resorts. There are four different resort launches and you can choose to go to the Wilderness Lodge, Fort Wilderness, Grand Floridian/Polynesian, or Ford Wilderness/Wilderness Lodge/Contemporary Resort. If you have strollers, wheelchairs, or ECVs in your party you will need to board one of the cruisers, like the one pictured. Please note that the route to Grand Floridian/Polynesian Village does not allow you to roll a wheelchair, ECV, or stroller onto the vehicle. Everyone in your group must be able to transfer out of their chair and into the boat. The boat has a couple of steps that each person must navigate as well on that route, which can be tricky holding a stroller or for those with mobility concerns. Our family aways waited for the cruiser because we could often leave the stroller open. It’s important to note that you will still need to move the child from the stroller as it’s against safety regulations.

The Lapu Lapu is great, even non-alcoholic.

Sweetening the Deal

The best part about taking the Cruisers and Launches to a resort is that you can watch the fireworks while you are on your way and then hop off to enjoy the resort. My family has enjoyed a boat ride to the Polynesian Village Resort and a late meal at ‘Ohana. We have also just headed over for a drink at the Tambu Tambu lounge in the same resort when we didn’t want tons of dining reservations. I highly recommend the Lapu Lapu (you can get it at both ‘Ohana and Tambu Tambu with or without the alcohol), but good luck pronouncing it correctly. If you prefer a longer boat ride, I recommend taking one of the boats over to Wilderness Lodge. That ride takes about 12 minutes or so and you will arrive at one of the most relaxing and beautiful resorts around. Definitely walk around and enjoy the scenery and stop in for a wind down and some of the best appetizers at any bar in the Territory Lounge.

Now that you have heard all about my strategies to avoid the crowds and still enjoy the fireworks, tell us about your favorite way to escape the crowds.  Sound off in the comments section or join us at Disney Express Lane Facebook Group to discuss this and many other Disney related topics.

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